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The Thetis server runs on a computer in the configuration:

  • 2 six-core Intel® Xeon® E5-2630 processors running at 2600 MHz (turbo 3100 MHz)
  • Each core has 256 KiB of L2 cache
  • 15 MiB of shared L3 cache per processor
  • Four 200 GB SSDs in RAID-10 configuration, 0.4 TB of logical capacity
  • 128 GB RAM
  • Gentoo operating system


The Thetis server hosts the Faculty Administration system, is the primary server for single sign-on authentication on the FI network, and manages the nameserver for the, domain and others.

It runs the contactless smart card access management system for readers across the university, as well as the faculty database where we keep track of all faculty system users and their permissions, mailing lists, faculty machines, and a list of detected IP and MAC addresses on the network, among others.

The origin of the name

The name Thetis comes from Greek mythology: thetis (2nd fall of Thetis) - daughter of the sea god Nereus and his wife Dórida, mother of the hero Achilles.

Vojtěch Zamarovský: Gods and heroes of ancient myths