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What is Fithesis?

Fithesis is a family of LaTeX document classes for thesis typesetting at Masaryk University faculties. It allows the user to uniformly plant all the necessary mandatory and optional parts specified in the MU thesis guidelines.

Current version: fithesis4

The current version is the fithesis4 class developed by Tereza Vrabcová as part of her bachelor thesis under the supervision of Maria Stará, Vitek Novotný and Petr Sojka.

The class supports the uniform visual style of Masaryk University, adds support for the Faculty of Pharmacy, incorporates the current requirements of individual faculties and aligns them with international standards for the structure of theses and similar documents. Class information and downloads can be found on the project website (in English). Also, templates are available on Overleaf to quickly start writing the thesis in the browser.

Further information

  • The LaTeX Thesis Typesetting is an actively maintained IS topic forum that was created for discussion about thesis typesetting using fithesis. In addition to questions and comments about fithesis classes, you can post general questions about the LaTeX thesis rate at MU.
  • Tereza Vrabcova's thesis Updating the fithesis LaTeX templates to UVS MU describes the creation of the fithesis4 class. The bachelor thesis itself was prepared using the fithesis4 class and illustrates its capabilities.

Obsolete versions


The fithesis3 class was created since 2015 as an output of Vitek Novotny's bachelor thesis. Compared to the previous version, the class supports all MU faculties, modern typesetting engines XeTeX and LuaTeX, supports working with PDF metadata, colour typesetting and includes extensive technical and user documentation in English.



The fithesis2 class was created in 2008 as an output of Stanislav Filipčík's bachelor thesis. Compared to the previous version, the class removes Latin2 as the default encoding, modifies the appearance of many typographic elements, and adds support for the typesetting of the Faculty of Sports Studies logo.



The original fithesis1 class was created in 1998 as an output of Daniel Mark's undergraduate project. It is the rapport3 class from the ntgclass package, which was modified for the purpose of preparing theses. The class is listed here for completeness only, it is not currently under development, no support is provided for it and its use is strongly discouraged.


Using fithesis1 from DocBook

The final papers, Document Creation in XML and Modernizing the xslt2 Project, deal with the xslt module, available on UNIX faculty machines, which is used to convert the XML DocBook format into many end-to-end formats, including LaTeX output with the fithesis1 class.