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Web analytics Matomo

If you run a website as part of your FI activities (it does not necessarily have to be under the domain or on a dedicated domain), we can provide you with tracking using web analytics Matomo (formerly named Piwik) operated on FI.

The goal is to provide website operators interested in an overview of their traffic as an alternative to Google Analytics (GA), the operation of which is problematic in terms of the regulation on the processing of personal data and cookies (GDPR). Therefore, we do not recommend using GA in a university environment. Using Matomo solves these problems thanks to the full operation of this solution within FI MU and the non-use of cookies to track visitors.

For a comparison of GA and Matomo options, see overview . If you have previously run GA on the site, this data it is possible to migrate of Matomo. We also support Matomo Tag Manager .

I am interested in deployment

If you are interested in monitoring the website using the Matomo faculty instance, send us to to assess the reasoned request and attach directly the answers to the following questions:

  • Enter the URL of the site
  • does the site have alternative domain names? (difference between http: vs https: or domain.tld vs www.domain.tld does not matter)
  • do you also want to track fragment navigation / anchors? ( #anchor )
  • do you want to exclude some address ranges from tracking? (in case they distort the statistics)
  • do you want to ignore some URL parameters? (we recommend ignoring fbclid , otherwise Matomo will treat the same URL with a different Facebook tracking parameter as different, which is almost certainly not desirable)
  • do you want to import data from GA if the site used it before?
  • does web search support? if so, what is the parameter name for the query (and possibly for the category)?
  • Which faculty accounts should have the right to look at the analytics of this site?