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Ares servers run on a computer in the configuration:

  • 2 eight-core processors
  • Each kernel has a 256 KiB L2 cache
  • Each processor has 20 MiB shared L3 cache
  • Two 500GB solid state drives in RAID-1, 500GB of logical capacity
  • 128 GB of RAM
  • Debian operating system


Ares servers act as interchangeable 10GbE routers and firewalls for the faculty network. They provide a recursive DNS server to FI computers and allocate dynamic DHCP addresses. These servers detect attacks on the network and transport layer and block IP addresses.

The origin of the name

The name Ares comes from Greek mythology: Ares (2nd fall Area) son of the supreme god Dia and his wife Hery, God of War.

Vojtech Zamarovsky: The gods and the heroes of ancient antiquities