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Remote access to services

Here you will find an overview of the options that can be used in case of work from home and cancellation of full-time teaching during this period.

  • External network access - basic list of restrictions (network division, firewall, tunnels via SSH, blacklist).
    • Alternative to VPN - SSH SOCKS proxy:
      • connect to the machine in the FI network, eg: ssh -D 1080 ,
      • set the SOCKS proxy eg in your browser: address localhost , port 1080 , version v5 .
  • Faculty VPN - for services that we make available only within the FI network or for services available only from the MU network (see link above).
  • University VPN .
  • Student Nymph station - only Nymfe01 and Nymfe02 are accessible, usually via Aisa (or generally via SSH from the MU network).
    • VNC and Nymph - if you need software directly on Nymph, such as a limited license.
  • Student Windows workstation - Sirene01 to Sirene28 machines are available via RDP (from the MU network).
  • Employee machines - if necessary, you can arrange a continuous run or we can arrange morning wake-up of machines (Wake-on-LAN).
    • Remote Desktop for Windows - Contact for RDP settings .
    • Remote Desktop for Linux - Contact VNC for help setting up .

Is something missing here? Write to us at the contact below.