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Instructions for borrowed equipment


Here you can download manuals for borrowed equipment:

You may want to use the instructions for connecting to wireless networks on FI .

Lessons to prevent damage to borrowed items

General recommendation

The most common damages are:

  1. Loss of the entrusted item (laptop, mobile phone, device or other device)


    • Do not leave borrowed items outside of secured areas (such as in a car) on the road. In case of accommodation it is recommended to use safety deposit boxes, safes.
    • Theft of borrowed items can be prevented by consistent locking of the premises where the items are located, as well as the fact that things will not be left even in a locked car.
    • If the damage occurred due to theft of things or entrusted values by a third party, it is necessary to immediately report to the Police of the Czech Republic and provide cooperation. (Attention, however, reporting to the Police of the Czech Republic does not lead to an exemption from the obligation to compensate for damage. However, it can help in claiming damage to an insurance company).
  2. Damage to property (laptop, mobile phone, device or other device)


    • Follow the instructions for use.
    • Follow the manufacturers' manuals when handling items.
    • Damage to items can be prevented by carrying items in the packaging provided.

What to do in case of damage

  • In case of damage, report the damage as soon as possible to e-mail: .
  • Do not repair the damage yourself, but return the damaged item to Mrs. Milena Friess for repair, e-mail: .