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Licence Grammarly for Education at FI MU

The Faculty of Informatics of MU has purchased 800 licenses of Grammarly for Education software for its students and staff.

These licenses are mainly intended for students writing a bachelor's or master's thesis in English or students of English-taught courses who have to produce some English texts as part of their teaching, plus all postgraduate students and tribal staff.

The list of eligible users is recalculated from time to time (typically especially at the beginning of the semester) and new eligible users are sent an email with instructions on how to secure an invitation to Grammarly if they wish.

To avoid the need to communicate with each individual applicant by email, etc., this is automated on a page that provides the eligible user with an invitation to Grammarly once the faculty login is entered (this will arrive on the faculty email; the link in the invitation must then be clicked to activate the account).

There are currently (and long-term) no "extra" licenses available.

Existing licenses are assigned in, say, a cyclical queue, i.e., a new eligible applicant is assigned the license of the user who has not used the license for the longest time (with some prioritization between user groups). However, the original user can, if they wish, have an invitation generated again (and should not lose any data on the Grammarly server).

If you feel that you should have access to Grammarly but do not, or if you are one of the exceptional cases like students who currently do not meet other conditions but are writing scholarly articles in English in collaboration with a research group at FI, please contact