Information for handicapped students

Faculty seeks to the best possible conditions for disabled students and students with specific demands. Area of the faculty has been built as a barrier-free, throughout the faculty there is an alternative identification of rooms, offices, laboratories, lift control etc., in Braille. Orientation indoor of FI is based on a relatively simple system. Fro the number of rooms can easily be derived its location.

For the visually impaired students are learning materials at FI well accessible, most of them are in electronic form. You can also use a record of lectures as an alternative of notes, and therefore you have not to scan relevant materials. Web site of the faculty corresponds with the standards of accessibility for the visually impaired people.

Faculty offers direct participation in projects that relate to improving the lives of disabled people. The experience of disabled people in the area of assistive technologies are valuable for these projects and offer the possibility of full self-realization.

Wide range of assistance for disabled students offers the university's Centre for Students with Special Needs Teiresias. For more information see: