Most of this page has been translated by Google. Only Czech version will be used at the state exam: English version only serves the basic informative purpose to those not mastering Czech.

Computer graphics

  1. Numerical solution of non-linear equations and systems of non-linear equations. Overview and principles of iterative methods, convergence. Direct methods of solving systems of linear equations, Gauss, Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, relaxation methods. Applying methods to solving imaging and modeling tasks.
  2. Modeling in computer graphics. Types of models, creation and modification, display. Local and global modeling, FFD deformation methods.
    PA010, PB009, PA157, PA158
  3. Surface Simplification Principles, LOD Models, Continuous Transition between LOD Levels.
  4. Visibility in image space and in object space. Shooting techniques. Algorithms, and their applications.
  5. Parametric curves, Lagrange, Hermite, Bezier, Coons, NURBS. Continuity, degree change, conditions for smooth binding.
    PB009, PA010
  6. Parametric areas. Surfaces given by the edge, Bezier's surfaces, B-spline surfaces, NURBS. Plate, smooth bonding. Implicit surfaces.
    PB009, PA010
  7. Local and global light models, material properties, BRDF. Surface and volumetric textures. Global calculation of lighting, deterministic and stochastic methods, observation of light paths.
    PB009, PA010
  8. Raster image processing. Histogram, histogram equalization. Thresholding, reducing brightness (color) levels. Linear and nonlinear filters. Edge detection. Discrete Fourier transform in image editing. Geometric image transformation, filtering, resampling, smoothing.
    PA010, PA171
  9. Reconstruction of objects and visualization of volume data. Reconstruction of cross sections, volumetric and spatial data. Direct visualization of volume data. Algorithm of marching dice.
  10. Approximation of bodies. Convex packaging, design in 2D and 3D. Packaging bodies, packaging hierarchy, packaging efficiency.
  11. Warp and morphing of images and objects.
  12. Triangulation and triangulation with restriction. Vorono diagrams and Delaunay's triangulation.
    M7130, PA010
  13. Data structures for spatial search. Search by Range, Multidimensional Binary Trees, Tree Segments.
    M7130, PA010
  14. OpenGL. Basic characteristics, primitives, types of transformations, work with display lists. Memory layers, used to create images.
  15. Visualization of data of different dimensions. Principles, methods, tools.
  16. Interactive techniques used for visualization in different spaces. Principles and concepts.
  17. Graphs and graph algorithms. Representation of graphs. Chart Link, Color, Plane Charts. Algorithms: searching the chart to width and depth, shortest distance, skeleton, network flows.
    MA010, MA015
  18. Object methods of system design. Design patterns. Software Architectures. Component systems and models. Object Software Development Methods, RUP.
  19. Software Engineering. SW development process. Unified Process Methodology. Agile SW development. Testing phases and test types. Software metrics, code refaktoring. Software quality. Estimating cost and time of SW development. Maintenance and reusability.
    PA017, PA104