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Final exam - bachelor study

Form of state final examination

The state final exam consists of the defense of the bachelor's thesis and the oral exam. Each part is evaluated by a separate stamp. If a student succeeds in only one of these two parts, he repeats only the part he / she did not have.

From Spring semester 2017, the obligation to repeat SZZ according to Decree of the Dean on Repeating the Bachelor State Final Exam

Oral examination is held before the committee, after written preparation. The student receives two randomly chosen questions, each from another area. He will answer the questions in writing as part of his preparation. The written answers will be handed over to the examining board, which verifies verbally any uncertainties, inaccuracies, or missing parts, and at the same time verifies that the student actually understands his / her answers. On the basis of this, the commission assesses in private the question whether the student has mastered the question and decides on the evaluation.

In the case of negative opinions on a bachelor's thesis, the student may give up his defense, accept the "failed" grade and go straight to the test. In case of unsuccessful defense, it is not possible to withdraw from testing.

The reason for failing to complete the Bachelor's State Exam is:

Language: Testing is in Czech or Slovak. English written work can be defended in English.

Schedule: The student enters the designated room 35 minutes before the scheduled timetable, receives the draws and has 30 minutes of written preparation. The whole exam (defense and oral exam) lasts 30 minutes, of which approximately half occupy the defense and discussion of the final work and about half of the exam. The typical course is as follows:

Questions for state final examination

Note: The current text of the Bachelor Statement Questions published below is valid from the autumn of 2016 for all students going to bachelor's degree programs, including those who are currently suspended or rehearsing the exam. As the state questions, after the modifications made before the beginning of the semester autumn 2016, are identical with the previous set, no transitional provision will be applied regarding the possibility of choosing the current or other previous version of the state questions.
Program Field Questions
Applied Informatics Informatics in public administration Questions INVS
Applied Informatics Social Informatics Questions SOCI
Informatics and Secondary Informatics and Secondary IO questions
Informatics / Applied Informatics All other branches Questions Common ground