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Final exam - bachelor study

Final state examination form

Final state examination consists of defense of bachelor thesis and oral exam. Each section is graded separately. If a student succeeds only in one of these two parts, he / she repeats only the part for which he / she has failed.

Since the spring of 2017, the obligation to repeat the FSE according to Dean's measures to repeat the bachelor's state final examination

The oral examination takes place in front of the committee, after the previous written preparation. The student gets two randomly drawn questions, each from a different area. He will answer questions in writing as part of his preparation. He / she submits his / her answers to the examining board, which will clarify any ambiguities, inaccuracies, or missing parts orally and who will also verify that the student really understands his / her answers. On the basis of this, the committee assesses whether the student has mastered the question and decides on the evaluation.

In case of negative opinions on the bachelor thesis, the student can give up the defense, accept the "failed" rating and go straight to the examination. In case of unsuccessful defense it is not possible to withdraw from the examination.

The reason for unsuccessful completion of bachelor's state exams is:
  • The student cannot explain (or intuitively) any of the terms explicitly mentioned in the question.
  • The student is able to formulate definitions of terms (or they have them in preparation), but he is not able to use them on an elementary example.
  • The student knows the terms explicitly mentioned in the text of the question, but all only at superficial level, he is unable to respond to supplementary questions.
  • Ignorance from one question (ie, knowledge of F) cannot be balanced by brilliant knowledge of the other.

Language: Examination is in Czech or Slovak. English written work can be defended in English.

Timetable: The student arrives at the designated room 35 minutes before the schedule, gets the winning questions and has 30 minutes for written preparation. The entire exam (defense and oral exam) lasts 35 minutes, of which about half is taken up by the defense and discussion of the final thesis and about half of the examinations. The presentation of the bachelor thesis takes 8 minutes.

Questions for the final state examination

Study programs divided into fields (study started before the autumn of 2019)

Program Field Questions
Applied Informatics Informatics in Public Administration INVS Questions
Applied Informatics Social informatics SOCI Questions
Informatics and second discipline Informatics and second discipline IO Questions
Informatics / Applied Informatics All other fields Common basis questions

Study programs accredited since the academic year 2019/2020

Program Study plan Questions
Informatics major, minor INF questions
Programming and application development jednoborový PVA Questions
Education in Informatics minor IVV Questions