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New subject DUVOD and innovated subjects DTEDI and DPDIS

In the framework of KA1, the preparation of a new subject DUVOD was started. Introduction to the study and modification of two other existing subjects DTEDI Preparation of theses and DPDIS Preparation of dissertation work. In the first period of the project implementation, attention was focused on the first two mentioned subjects, in the case of DPDIS there is a discussion of the specific content of its modification. The DUVOD course was newly introduced in the autumn semester 2010 and its teaching has already begun as well as the modified DTEDI course. The course of the modified DPDIS course will start from the spring semester 2011.

The main part of the course in the DUVOD course takes the form of a moderated discussion on key topics related to the entrance to the study (principles of scientific work, work with literature, self publishing, work paths, planning and evaluation of experiments, ...). Information related to the content of the course is available for students in the study materials of the course. Students actively participate in small group discussions (up to 10 students).

Within the DTEDI course, students were introduced to the typical content of the thesis and to all formal requirements. Subsequently, they were divided into small groups in which they present and discuss the main aspects of their work. Part of the course is also participation in the defense of other students' theses and discussion of the quality of the theses from last year.