Internal Procedures and Recommendations Regarding the Defence

Detailed information regarding the doctoral thesis defence is available in MU Study and Examination Regulations . This page only presents internal procedures and recommendations regarding the defences:

Internal reader - a student who plans to submit a phd thesis in the current year will inform the Office for Research & Development & Doctoral Studies (OVV) - sendig abstract and list of publications. OVV will arrange the process by asking the Chairmen of the Doctoral Board and Doctoral Committees who subsequently determine an internal reader (it may be an internal reader of phd thesis proposal), who reads the doctoral thesis and gives his/her opinion before the official handover. Student then according to that opinion and observations may modify or revise the doctoral thesis and submit it later.
New as due to update from October 2020: it is a student's choice whether to use the offer of service of an internal reader. It is a service of the faculty for students, students are no longer obliged to use this offer.

Please note that it usually takes about 4 - 5 months from submission of your PhD thesis to the defence.

The doctoral study ends on the day of a successful defence. Student is awarded a Diploma and a Diploma Supplement at a graduation ceremony organised by the RMU twice a year (usually at the beginning of December and at the end of May). Please check regularly your emails at, where Ms. Markéta Burešová will send you information about a graduation ceremony. If a student is unable to attend a graduation ceremony, please inform her at: buresova(at), phone: 549 495 365.

If the thesis review conclusions, specified in Article 32, paragraph 5 of the MU Study and Examination Regulations, contain one or more negative statements the student may choose not to participate in the thesis defence. This intention must be announced no later than 5 workdays prior to the date of the defence. The student may choose not to participate in the thesis defence no more than once.

If a student fails a defence, it is possible to repeat a defence no more than once. The committee sets the rules for the repeated defence and the Dean sets following a recommendation of the Specialist Board, an alternate date of a repeated defence. It is also permitted to interrupt studies until the alternate defence day. Permission to interrupt studies is given by the Dean (upon the student’s request) and the interruption of studies is not counted into the whole period of studies.