Internal Procedures and Recommendations Regarding the Defence

Detailed information regarding the doctoral thesis defence is available in MU Study and Examination Regulations . This page only presents internal procedures and recommendations regarding the defences:

Internal reader - a student who plans to submit a phd thesis in the current year will inform the Office for Research & Development & Doctoral Studies (OVV) - sendig abstract and list of publications. OVV will arrange the process by asking the Chairmen of the Doctoral Board and Doctoral Committees who subsequently determine an internal reader (it may be an internal reader of phd thesis proposal), who reads the doctoral thesis and gives his/her opinion before the official handover. Student then according to that opinion and observations may modify or revise the doctoral thesis and submit it later.

Please note that it usually takes about 4 - 5 months from submission of your PhD thesis to the defence.

  • Deadlines for final submission of a doctoral thesis
    If you want to defend your doctoral thesis in semester:
    „Autumn“ - you have to submit the phd thesis including application to defence and all annexes to the OVV from May 1st till October 31st
    „Spring“ - you have to submit the phd thesis including defence application and all annexes to the OVV from November 1st till April 30th
    Academic calendar

  • Student enrols the course DODIS Dissertation defence into the IS and submit to OVV the following documents:
    1) Application to the Doctoral Thesis Deffence
    2) 3 - 4 thesis copies (number of external readers + 1 copy for the FI library or 2 more copies - for student and for supervisor)
    The phd thesis must be produced on white (not recycled) paper format A4, which can be obtained from Mrs. Lysakova’s office (B503). The doctoral thesis must be bind in hard cover. The title page will include Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics (or even the faculty logo), the full title of the thesis, PhD thesis, name of the student, Brno and the year.
    3) Internal reader's report
    4) Supervisor's report
    5) Supervisor's proposal for external reviewers
    6) Abstract
    7) Structured curriculum vitae
    8) List of publications (if the student participates on joint publications, his/her contribution must be specified in %) – at least two publications should be international publications. This list must be an integral part of the doctoral thesis and will be, together with the text of the thesis, made public in the list of theses at the MU webpages.

    Should the doctoral thesis be written in English, the additional documents in point 6, 7, 8 must be submitted both in Czech and English.

  • Doctoral thesis is upload by student to the IS Archive of Thesis.
  • The Doctoral Board proposes a chairman, members of the defence committee and external reviewers to the Dean. The Dean appoints the committee based on this proposal.
  • The phd thesis is delivered to the external reviewers who are given two months to return a review.
  • Having received the external reviews, the date of the defence is set.
  • The actual defence is commonly held in the FI conference room, which is equipped with a board, a data projector and laptop (after agreement with OVV). Student is requested to come at least 10 min. before the actual defence (if the conference room is locked, a key is available in the Dean’s secretary’s office), prepare and test the equipment which will be used. Student prepares the defence presentation in a suitable font and colour, so that it is readable even for the committee members sitting further away from the board.
    The actual defence lasts for 25 minutes. Then reviews are read and discussed, and a discussion amongst committee members and guests follows. The public part of the defence is followed by a non-public part where the committee debates the defence and votes on the result of the defence by secret ballot. Student is informed about the result as soon as the vote is finished. The defence is evaluated by grades A, B, C, D, E or F (fail). If the doctoral thesis fulfil the requirements Dean's Award the committee votes about proposal for evaluation „distinguished“ by secret ballot.
  • If a student is interested in, s/he may load to archive the final revised version of his/her phd thesis (completed according to the comments of the readers and committee) after the defence. The original defended version of the doctoral thesis also remains in the archive!

The doctoral study ends on the day of a successful defence. Student is awarded a Diploma and a Diploma Supplement at a graduation ceremony organised by the RMU twice a year (usually at the beginning of December and at the end of May). Please check regularly your emails at, where Ms. Markéta Burešová will send you information about a graduation ceremony. If a student is unable to attend a graduation ceremony, please inform her at: buresova(at), phone: 549 495 365.

If the thesis review conclusions, specified in Article 32, paragraph 5 of the MU Study and Examination Regulations, contain one or more negative statements the student may choose not to participate in the thesis defence. This intention must be announced no later than 5 workdays prior to the date of the defence. The student may choose not to participate in the thesis defence no more than once.

If a student fails a defence, it is possible to repeat a defence no more than once. The committee sets the rules for the repeated defence and the Dean sets following a recommendation of the Specialist Board, an alternate date of a repeated defence. It is also permitted to interrupt studies until the alternate defence day. Permission to interrupt studies is given by the Dean (upon the student’s request) and the interruption of studies is not counted into the whole period of studies.