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Project Innovation of Doctoral Studies at FI MU

The aim of the Operational Program Education for Competitiveness (OP EC) project is to increase the quality and capacity of the doctoral study program Informatics at FI MU while increasing the competitiveness of its graduates. The project will also contribute to a significant increase in the attractiveness of the study through closer links with the industry and other potential employers of graduates. The use of the opportunity offered by the accredited extension of the study by a new branch and related reorganization of the branch council will enable better consideration of the requirements of future employers of graduates from outside the academic sphere. Within the project, there will be a significant increase in the offer of specific study topics, thus increasing the possibility of qualified choice of study applicants. The project also includes a more intensive involvement of professional graduates and professional and researchers with completed doctoral education in the preparation of doctoral students in the form of consultant trainers, enabling their faster academic growth and thus a re-growth of FI MU's training capacity. Doctoral students will be provided with targeted support at key stages, which will contribute to greater success in their studies.

The partners of the project are RedHat Czech sro, ANF DATA sro and Honeywell International sro The aim of partner involvement is to increase the competitiveness of graduates in a commercial non-academic environment within the innovation of doctoral studies.

Doctoral study manual at FI MU

Key activities of the project Innovation of Doctoral Studies at FI MU

  1. KA1 - Support in key stages of study
  2. KA2 - Innovation of courses to promote presentation skills
  3. KA3 - Poster Competition
  4. KA4 - Integration of Management Courses into Doctoral Studies
  5. KA5 - Team Management - Intensive Practice
  6. KA6 - Teaching by experts from practice and abroad
  7. KA7 - Improving and Offering Dissertation Topics
  8. KA8 - Student Motivation and PhD Promotion

Project news