Study Plans

General recommendations for the composition of study plans

  • For composition of study plans use current and complete information about the offered courses.
    Printed version of Study catalogue has a limited scope and can not be updated. Syllabi in it, you can use to build a preliminary study plan for the next semester. Before the actual registration or enrolment, we recommend to see the information available in IS MU in the Course Catalogue that are current. In addition, through the complete information about the course you will get a lot of useful data that the Course Catalogue does not include (course annotation, URL with additional information, requirements during the semester, the evaluation, etc.).

  • Find out about the courses chosen for enrolment as much information as possible.
    Try to find as much information in advance, you do not have to cancel the chosen courses after the beginning of tuition because its content does not correspondent with your idea. Apart from complete information about the course is very good to pass the teacher's web site, where may be study materials from previous years. Many teachers give the URL address currently in the Course catalogue.

  • Pay attention to the requirements to be met during the semester.
    Find out in the complete information about the course, or on the web site for all courses chosen for enrolment, what requirements you must meet during the semester. Do not enrol a combination of courses with a number of through requirements that seem not to be managed because of time or otherwise reasons (e.g., everybody does not have to manage the solving the three larger projects and two regular home works during one semester).

  • Predict in advance courses for more credits than you want to enrol.
    You will then be able to immediately resolve any schedule conflicts. Chosen courses that do not be enrolled in the semester schedule, you can pass in one of the following semesters.

  • Do not enrol the excessive amount of credits.
    Reasonable amount of credits for the standard period of study is state in recommended study plans, within the limits of study rules you can change amount of credits according the individual need.
    But we do not recommend enrolment significantly more credits than those limits especially in the fist semesters of bachelor studies. Furthermore, we do not recommend enrolment (substantially) more credits in the present semester than in previous, if you had problems successfully completed enrolled number of credits in the previous semester.