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Long-term messages

9. 6. 2015 - Methods of terminating studies at FI MU

BREAKING THE STUDY - the student may terminate the study at any time by electronic (IS) or written notice. In this case, he / she ceases to be a student the day after the faculty receives his / her electronic / written notice. Submission of notifications via IS: Notice of leaving

TERMINATION OF THE STUDY FOR FULFILLING THE REQUIREMENTS - the study is terminated by the faculty for failure to fulfill the duties in accordance with the MU Study and Examination Regulations. The decision to complete the study is made only after the registration period for the semester (Article 3 (1b) of the MU Study and Examination Regulations) and is sent to the student by post / IS as a shipment in his / her own hands. Therefore, the study is still active and is included in the total length of the course. The decision does NOT contain a specific end date. Under Article 68 (4) of Act No. 111/1998 Coll. the possibility of filing a written appeal to this decision within 30 days of the date of its receipt. If he does not use his right of appeal, he / she shall cease to be a student on the 31st day after the date of the decision to terminate his / her studies.

1. 9. 2011 - Recognition of written exam in English - valid from semester autumn 2011

Students may be refused a written part of the Exam Specialist English (VB001) if they have obtained the following exams: Cambridge English: First (formerly FCE), Cambridge English: Advanced (former CAE), Cambridge English: Proficiency rating 5.5 / 6.5 or higher) and TOEFL iBT (overall rating 87 or higher). The English B2 level examination is not recognized. Students must submit a document (the original for inspection and a copy - not necessarily officially certified) by the Head of Language Learning Center at FI MU Mgr. Trumpeš-Rudolfů at least one month before the start of the examination period in which they will take the Specialist English (VB001) exam.

10. 4. 2009 - ISIC card fee

The fee for an ISIC card students pays over shopping centre IS MU. Students of the 1st year ISIC card will not pay.

October 1, 2008 - Payment method revalidation overlays

Recharge overpay over shopping centre in IS MU and, after transferring the amount, pick it up at the study department.

10.7.2006 - Stickers for ISIC for re-admitted students and for [1. year] of the follow-up studio FREE!

Stickers can be picked up at the study department.

Apology from the lesson

Participation in the course is obligatory for students, except for lectures and consultations. The student is obliged to excuse his / her absence from the FI study department within 5 working days. The beginning of the illness can be excused by phone or e-mail, after the illness, it is always necessary to provide a doctor's confirmation of the duration of the illness.
The Study Department accepts scanned apologies (incapacity, etc.) from the physician, on which all data will be clearly visible.
Excuse me to .

In the case of prolonged illness, convalescence after surgery, etc., it is possible to request in writing the interruption of studies for health reasons. However, it is always necessary to provide a medical report to the application. We do not accept this request by e-mail, it must be delivered to the faculty study department in person or by class mail.

8 November 2005 - Losses - Findings

The Study Department points out that lost and deferred items found in the premises of the Faculty of Informatics can be picked up at the Study Department. The list of found things is published on the IS MU notice in the section Losses and Findings If the items found will not be picked up within one month of posting, they will be "stored" irrevocably in the trash.

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