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Long-term valid messages

Methods of graduation from FI MU

STUDY DISCONTINUATION - a student may terminate his/her studies at any time by electronic (via IS) or written notification. In this case, he/she ceases to be a student the day after the faculty receives his/her electronic/written notification. Submitting a notification via IS: Notification of study termination

TERMINATION OF STUDY FOR FAILURE TO FULFILL REQUIREMENTS - the study is terminated by the faculty for failure to fulfil the obligations in accordance with the MU Study and Examination Regulations. The decision on termination of studies is made after the end of the semester enrolment period (Article 3(1b) of the MU Study and Examination Regulations) and is sent to the student by post/via IS as a hand delivery. Thus, the study is still active and counts towards the total time studied. The decision does NOT indicate a specific date of graduation. According to Article 68(4) of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., the student has the possibility to file a written appeal against this decision within 30 days from the date of its receipt. If he/she does not exercise his/her right to appeal, he/she ceases to be a student on the 31st day after the date of receipt of the decision to terminate studies.

Recognition of the English written examination - effective as of the Fall 2011 semester

Students may be exempt from the written part of the Specialist English examination (VB001) if they have obtained the following evidence of completion: Cambridge English: First (formerly FCE), Cambridge English: Advanced (formerly CAE), Cambridge English: Proficiency (formerly CPE), IELTS (score 5.5/6.5 or higher) and TOEFL iBT (overall score 87 or higher). The B2 English Baccalaureate exam is not recognised. Students must submit a document (original for inspection and a copy - does not have to be officially certified) to the Head of the Language Education Centre at FI MU Mgr. Rudolf at the latest one month before the beginning of the examination period in which they will take the Specialist English exam (VB001).

ISIC card fee

Students pay the ISIC card fee through the IS MU Business Centre. First year students do not pay for the ISIC card.

Payment method for revalidation stickers

Pay for the revalidation sticker via the IS MU Business Centre and collect it from the Student Services Office after the amount has been transferred.

ISIC stickers for re-admitted students and for 1st year of continuing studies are FREE!

Stickers can be picked up at the study department.

Excuse from classes according to the MU Study and Examination Regulations

Participation in classes is compulsory for students except for lectures and consultations.

The student is obliged to excuse his/her absence through the IS MU Office within five working days of the date of the class that is being excused.
If the student fails to attend the course on the date for which he/she is registered or enrolled and fails to acceptably excuse his/her absence within five working days after the deadline, the student is graded "unsatisfactory".

EXCUSAL BY THE FOLLOWING PROCESS: The student shall submit a Request for Excused Absence to the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible, but no later than five working days. The SO will then enter your excuse form into the MU IS. He/she will then enter, typically immediately after completion, a doctor's note, which must be stamped and signed, contain the student's identifying information (full name, date of birth or birth number), and show to which day(s) it relates and the reason for the excuse.

The date of notification of the absence to the Study Department is used to check whether the student has complied with the conditions of the MU Study and Examination Regulations.

You may use the form to excuse an absence.

If you need to excuse an absence for serious reasons other than a doctor's appointment or illness, it is recommended that you consult the Study Department in advance.

In the case of long-term illness, convalescence after surgery, etc., it is possible to request in writing to interrupt your studies for medical reasons.

Losses - findings

The Study Department would like to point out that lost and abandoned items found on the premises of the Faculty of Informatics can be collected from the Study Department. A list of found items is posted on the IS MU notice board in the Lost and Found section If found items are not collected within one month of posting, they will be "deposited" irretrievably in the trash.

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