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Long-term communications

9. 6. 2015 - Methods of Completion at FI MU

LEAVING STUDIES - the student may terminate the study at any time by electronic means (via IS) or by written notice. In this case, he / she ceases to be a student on the day after the Faculty receives his / her electronic / written notice. Reporting via IS: Graduation Notice

TERMINATION OF STUDY FOR NON-PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS - the study is terminated by the faculty for non-compliance in accordance with the Study and Examination Regulations of MU. The decision to terminate the study is made after the end of the term for enrollment in the semester (Article 3 (1b) of the MU Study and Examination Rules) and is sent to the student by post / via IS as a consignment. Therefore, the study is still active and counts towards the total time spent. The decision does NOT specify the specific date of graduation. Under Section 68 (4) of Act No. 111/1998 Coll. the possibility to file a written appeal to this decision within 30 days of its receipt. If he / she does not use his / her right to appeal, he / she ceases to be a student on the 31st day from the date of taking the decision to terminate his / her studies.

September 1, 2011 - Recognition of a written exam in English - valid from the semester of autumn 2011

Students may be waived in the Specialist English (VB001) written test if they have received these Cambridge English: First (formerly FCE), Cambridge English: Advanced (formerly CAE), Cambridge English: Proficiency (formerly CPE), IELTS ( 5.5 / 6.5 or higher) and TOEFL iBT (total rating 87 or higher). The B2 level maturita exam is not recognized. Students must submit a document (the original for inspection and a copy - not necessarily certified) Head of the Center for Language Education at FI MU Mgr. Trumpe-Rudolph at the latest one month before the start of the exam period in which they will take the Specialist English (VB001) exam.

10. 4. 2009 - ISIC card fee

ISIC Card Fee Students Pay Over shopping centre IS MU. 1st year students do not pay ISIC card.

October 1, 2008 - Payment method for revalidation stickers

Re-validate the sticker shopping centre in the IS MU and collect it at the Study Department after transferring the amount.

10.7.2006 - ISIC stickers for repeatedly accepted students and for [1. ]] follow-up study FREE!

Stickers can be picked up at the Study Department.

Excuse from teaching according to MU Study and Examination Regulations

Participation in lessons is obligatory for students with the exception of lectures and consultations.

The student is obliged to apologize in writing at the study department of the faculty within five working days of the date of the instruction which is excused.

If a student fails to complete the course at the date for which he / she is enrolled or enrolled, and if he / she does not excuse his / her absence within five working days of the deadline, he / she is assessed as "unsatisfactory".

CONTRACTING HAS BEEN FOLLOWING THE FOLLOWING METHOD: The student reports his or her absence to the Study Department by e-mail or telephone as soon as possible, but no later than five working days. The date of notification of absence to the Study Department is used to check whether the student has complied with the MU Study and Examination Regulations. It is possible to provide written proof of the apology later. Typically, after the end of the disease, a doctor's confirmation of the duration of the disease is delivered.
The Study Department accepts scanned apologies (incapacitations, etc.) from a doctor, where all data sent from the university e-mail will be clearly visible.

You can use the absence excuse form .
Please send your excuse to .

If you need to excuse absence for other reasons than visiting a doctor or illness, we recommend consulting the apology at the Study Department.

In case of prolonged illness, recovery after surgery etc. it is possible to ask in writing for interruption of study due to health reasons. However, a medical report must always be submitted to the application. We do not accept this request by e-mail, it must be delivered to the faculty study department in person or by post.

November 8, 2005 - Losses - Findings

The Study Department points out that it is possible to collect lost and discarded items found in the premises of the Faculty of Informatics at the Study Department. The list of found items is published on the IS MU bulletin in the section Losses and findings If the found items are not picked up within one month of publication, they will be "stored" irrevocably into the trash.

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