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    11. 6.

    Visit Google Munich with Inside Look

    Google University Programs Team
    Visit Google Munich with Inside Look

    Are you studying computer science or a related degree at a university
    in Europe, the Middle East or Africa? Are you looking for an
    internship to prepare you for a career in tech? Ever wanted to visit a
    Google office and hear from engineers about the cutting edge products
    and projects they are working on?

    We're excited to invite Computer Science students graduating after the
    summer of 2019 to apply to Google’s Inside Look program, which will
    provide an insider view into life as an engineer at Google. This year
    we are continuing the Inside Look series with our next featured
    location - Munich!
    The two day long program will focus on the products Munich-based
    Googlers are developing, such as Cloud Artificial Intelligence and
    Chrome, and will include a mix of tech talks, panels, hands-on
    workshops and - in true Google fashion - plenty of food and Google

    Inside Look is committed to supporting diversity at Google and the
    tech industry as a whole. Students who are members of a group that is
    historically underrepresented in the tech field are encouraged to apply!

    Google will cover the travel costs to/from Munich and hotel
    accommodation for all attendees. Applications are open until 11 June 2018.

    Event overview:

    Event: Inside Look: Munich
    Date: Thursday 30th - Friday 31st August 2018
    Deadline: 11 June 2018
    Location: Google Munich, Germany
    What to expect: Tech talks, development workshops, coding sessions,
    and a chance to hear from a diverse range of Googlers about the

    If you have any questions, please email us at inside-look@google.com .

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