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At Masaryk University there are many ways to get information. Some of you should not miss - in your own interest. Watch at least mail, it's a necessity.

Obligation to monitor

  • University Post - or e-mail in IS is a channel that can be contacted by, for example, a teacher or a study department. You are responsible for reading what will come to your university mailbox.
    The university email address in the form UČ was created on the day of registration and you can use it for life.
    In the IS you can change the nickname and you can use the address in the form Emails to the mailbox will still be sent to UČ but also to
    You can forward emails from the university mailbox to your private address, but you are responsible for the correct technical setup, and if your emails are dropped or redirected, it is your problem.
    University email can subscribe through Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365 .
  • The faculty e-mail address can be redirected to the university mailbox.
    The address is in the form of

Very good watch

  • Notepad - is a student app that shows all ratings of all the subjects the student enrolled.
    Notebooks can teach you not only results or ratings, but also a note or message.
    Notebooks will also automatically record the results of the ratchets and the repaired machine.
  • Message board in IS
    • Red News - Important news about events at university. IS withdrawals, changes in study fees, Rector's guidelines and their interpretation for students. You want to know about that.
    • Blue news - important news about events at the faculty. It is a good idea to keep the information about stateless persons, matriculation, scholarships, or changes in the office hours of the study department.
    • More news - no longer to follow. Regular news on events at MU and faculties can be interesting as well as the events mentioned in the Invitations section. The I section is widely used, but the bulletin board is the top of the above mentioned color message.
    • E-mail alert - You can mark each of the sections as Watched. You can set "Watched" notification of new messages by e-mail and how often emails are going to go.

It can also be monitored

News of individual departments (eg study), discussion forums in the IS or social network.