Within the ERASMUS+ programme students spend a minimum of 3 months or one semester (maximum 12 months) at the universities which have bilateral agreements with the Faculty of Informatics. The grant is for students who have completed at least one year of their studies. However, students are allowed to take part in this programme max. 12 months on the each level of their study.

Call for Erasmus+ study 2019/20

Office for International Affairs announces a call for Erasmus+ study 2019/20. The living expenses are covered by student from scholarship provided by the programme. Length of stay abroad depends on the particular bilateral agreement. FI evaluates students according to the following criterias:
  • Study results
  • Language skills
  • Cover letter in English (lenght 1/2 - 1 page A4) including courses/areas which you would like to study at host universities
  • Deparmental coordinator assessment
  • Prior study abroad
FI students apply through an electronic application in ISOIS database from 28 January to 26 February 2019.

As a student of FI you can choose from following universities:
University State Coordinator Places Length (months) Level
KU Leuven - Fac. of Science Belgium Václav Matyáš 2 5 A
University of Tartu Estonia Václav Matyáš 2 5 I,A,D
University of Tampere Finland Petr Sojka 2 6 A
University of Eastern Finland Finland Petr Sojka 2 5 I,A
Åbo Akademi University Finland David Šafránek 2 9 A
Grenoble Institute of Technolgy France Petr Sojka 3 10 A
ESIEE Paris France Leonard Walletzký 2 5 A,D
EPITA Paris France Jan Strejček 2 5 I,A
ISEN Toulon France Petr Sojka 3 5 A
INSA Centre Val de Loire France Václav Matyáš 2 6 A,D
Juraj Dobrila University of Pula Croatia Leonard Walletzký 2 5 I,A,D
University of Pavia Italy Karel Pala 1 6 I,A
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Italy Bruno Rossi 3 5 A
University of Calabria Italy Leonard Walletzký 2 5 A
University of Salerno Italy Leonard Walletzký 4 5 A,D
Ca' Foscari University of Venice Italy Václav Matyáš 2 6 A,D
University of Cagliari Italy Václav Matyáš 4 6 A,D
University of Luxembourg Luxembourg Václav Matyáš 2 6 A,D
RWTH Aachen University Germany Antonín Kučera 2 12 I,A,D
Dresden University of Technology Germany Václav Matyáš 2 12 I,A
HTWG Konstanz Germany Václav Matyáš 2 5 I,A
Saarland University Germany Karel Pala 1 12 A
Freie University of Berlin Germany David Šafránek 2 5 A
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany Leonard Walletzký 4 5 I,A
Technical University of Munich Germany Antonín Kučera 2 10 I,A,D
Nowegian University of Science and Technology Norway Václav Matyáš 3 5 A
University of Bergen Norway Barbora Kozlíková, Petr Hliněný 3 6 A,D
University of Porto – Fac. of Engineering Portugal Leonard Walletzký 2 5 A
University of Porto – Fac. of Science Portugal Luboš Popelínský 2 5 I,A,D
University of Porto – Fac. of Economy Portugal Luboš Popelínský 2 5 I,A,D
Vienna University of Technology Austria Barbora Kozlíková 2 5 I,A,D
University of Vienna Austria Petr Sojka 2 5 A,D
Johannes Kepler University Linz Austria Barbora Kozlíková 2 5 I,A
Comenius University Slovakia Matej Lexa 2 6 I,A,D
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Slovakia Petr Sojka 2 10 I,A,D
University of Ljubljana Slovenia Matej Lexa 2 5 I,A
University of Balearic Islands Spain Jiří Sochor 2 5 A,D
Technical University of Catalonia Spain Karel Pala 3 5 I,A
University of Cordoba Spain Petr Sojka 2 5 I,A,D
University Alfonso X El Sabio Spain Petr Sojka 2 6 I,A
Polytechnic University of Valencia Spain Petr Sojka 2 10 I,A
University of Valencia Spain Petr Sojka 3 10 I,A


Students go during the study for work placement to a foreign company, training or research center or other organization. Internships may not be performed in the EU institutions and organizations that manage the EU programmes. Internships must be in the length of 2-12 months.

The annual deadlines for submitting applications for grants for Erasmus placements:
  • 28 February
  • 9 May
  • 11 July
  • 7 November
FI students have to find a foreign institution and arrange a traineeship themselves. For more information and actual deadlines see information on webpage of university Office for International Cooperation.

Information about the Programme: