Degree Requirements

Credit Requirements

In order to register for the Master's final exam, students should gain a total value of 120 credits (in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System). Completing a course means fulfilling its requirements in one of the following ways:
  • course-unit credit (0 credit),
  • graded course-unit credit (0 credit),
  • colloquium (1 credit),
  • examination (2 credits).
The highest form of course completion is passing the examination. In required and selective subjects a colloquium counts as an examination where the colloquium is the highest form of course completion.

Final State Exam

The programme ends with a final state exam that typically takes place at the end of the fourth semester of study. The final exam consists of two parts: oral exams corresponding to the content of the required courses and the Master's thesis defence.

The Master's thesis should be between 144 000 and 180 000 characters long (including spaces). Its purpose is to build on the knowledge and proficiency of the course studied. It serves as proof of the knowledge acquired from the study programme and the ability of a student to use this knowledge in solving a given task. The defence of the Master's thesis is held in front of a committee. A committee chairman and an opponent produce a thesis evaluation document. Students have the right to read the evaluation three days before the defence date.

The oral exam requirements are based on the content of the subjects of the field of study. When applying for the final examination, the student receives questions composed by the guarantor of the programme in accordance with the examination rules. The oral exam follows immediately after the thesis defence. Students are asked two or three questions which they answer without further preparation in the form of a discussion. Both the oral exam and the defence are held in front of the same committee if the student chooses to sit them on the same date. If students choose to sit the oral exam separately, they are invited to the exam committee of their chosen specialization. The oral exam is evaluated by one grade only.

The duration of the whole exam is usually 1 hour, 30 minutes defence and 30 minutes oral exam. Procedure after failing the thesis defence:
  • should a student receive several negative thesis evaluations, it is possible to withdraw from the defence, accept the grade "failed" and continue with the oral exam,
  • should a student fail the thesis defence, it is possible to withdraw from the oral exam without a grade "failed".