Courses for exchange students

The list of courses should help to exchange/visiting students to choose eligible courses that are taught in English. Please note that there might be further changes in the offer of courses. The final list will be known only at the beginning of the semester. You can make changes in your choice of the courses after your arrival, within the first 2 weeks of the semester. Check the pre-requisites of chosen course so you have required knowledge to study it.

Number of credits and hours

In overview of the course in section Extent and Intensity: the first numbers describe how many hours per week are lectures, seminars, others (laboratory work). According to this is set basic amount of credits. Another credits students gain according a way of completion. Completion of a course constitutes meeting the course requirements in one of the following ways: z = Credit (0 cr.), k = Colloquium (1 cr.), zk = Examination (2 cr.).

For example if there are numbers 2/2, the course has 2 hours of lectures per week and two hours of seminars per week (together per 4 credits), when students pass it by examination, they gain another 2 credits, so at the end students gain 6 credits.

Autumn Semester 2022

Spring Semester 2023

Information about other courses you can find at online Course catalogue
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