Academic and Post-doctoral Stays

This page presents information on research stays opportunities, including how and where to apply.

Sources of Information:

J. W. Fulbright Commission

Marie Curie Action

Its aim is to support human resources, mobility, further training and career development of researchers in the European research area. The basic condition for participation in the MSCA is international mobility, researchers cannot obtain funding for research in the country in which they live, work or study for a long time. They need to move from one country to another in order to deepen their expertise and competences. The minimum condition for the participation of researchers in the MSCA is the gaining an academic degree entitling to study in a doctoral study programme. MSC actions are open to both early-stage researchers (those who do not yet have a Ph.D. and less than 4 years of research experience) and also experienced researchers (those who already have a Ph.D. or at least 4 years research practice).

More information at webpage of EU.

American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies

American Fund (AFCSL) is one of organization covered by BBLA, who support future leaders from Czech Republic and Slovak Republic professional training at american universities and internships in top american organizations.

Office for International Studies