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Act No. 111/1998 Coll. about universities

FI status

Internal regulations of the faculty

Order of habilitation procedure and procedure for appointing a professor at MU

MU Directive No. 7/2017 - Habilitation Procedure and Procedure for the Appointment of a Professor at MU

Rules of habilitation procedure at MU MU

Rules governing the appointment of a professor at FI MU

Indicative minimum criteria for habilitation and appointment procedures at MU MU

MU Directive No. 6/2016 - Project Management

MU Directive No. 8/2017 - MU Grant Agency

Decree FI No. 7/2017 to projects of spec. research - follow-up to the MU Directive No. 8/2017

Legislation of research, development and innovation

Other legal standards