Publications supported by the ERC Consolidator Project LADIST

All research papers supported by the ERC project LADIST are freely available for download from the preprint server arXiv. At the time of the acceptance for publication, the publications with the authors affiliated with the University of Warwick are also deposited to Warwick Research Archive Portal for a full compliance with the open access rules of the RCUK.

Research papers

Authors and title arXiv link Publication status
J. Aaronson, C. Groenland, A. Grzesik, T. Johnston, B. Kielak: Exact hyperplane covers for subsets of the hypercube arXiv:2010.00315 Discrete Mathematics 334 (2021), article no. 112490
A. Blumenthal, B. Lidický, Y. Pehova, F. Pfender, O. Pikhurko, J. Volec: Sharp bounds for decomposing graphs into edges and triangles arXiv:1909.11371 Combinatorics, Probability and Computing (2021), 271-287
conference version of the paper Proceedings of Eurocomb'19, Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenianae 88 (2019), 463-468
M. Bonamy, Ł. Bożyk, A. Grzesik, M. Hatzel, T. Masařík, J. Novotná, K. Okrasa: Tuza's Conjecture for Threshold Graphs arXiv:2105.09871 submitted
conference version of the paper Proceedings of Eurocomb'21, CRM Series 14 (2021), 765-771
M. Brianski, M. Koutecký, D. Kráľ, K. Pekárková, F. Schroder: Characterization of matrices with bounded Graver bases and depth parameters and applications to integer programming arXiv:2202.05299 submitted
M. Bucić, J. W. Cooper, D. Kráľ, S. Mohr, D. M. Correia: Uniform Turán density of cycles arXiv:2112.01385 submitted
T. F. N. Chan, J. W. Cooper, M. Koutecký, D. Kráľ, K. Pekárková: Matrices of optimal tree-depth and a row-invariant parameterized algorithm for integer programming arXiv:1907.06688 accepted to SIAM Journal on Computing
conference version of the paper Proceedings of 47th International Colloquium Automata, Languages and Programming (ICALP'20), LIPIcs vol. 168, article no. 26, 2020, 19pp
T. F. N. Chan, A. Grzesik, D. Kráľ, J. A. Noel: Cycles of length three and four in tournaments arXiv:1902.00572 Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A 175 (2020), article no. 105276, 23pp
conference version of the paper Proceedings of Eurocomb'19, Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenianae 88 (2019), 533-539
T. F. N. Chan, D. Kráľ, B. Mohar, D. R. Wood: Inducibility and universality for trees arXiv:2102.02010 submitted
T. F. N. Chan, D. Kráľ, J. A. Noel, Y. Pehova, M. Sharifzadeh, J. Volec: Characterization of quasirandom permutations by a pattern sum arXiv:1909.11027 Random Structures and Algorithms 57 (2020), 920-939
J. W. Cooper, A. Grzesik, A. Kabela, D. Kráľ: Packing and covering directed triangles asymptotically arXiv:1909.07120 European Journal of Combinatorics (2022), 9pp
J. W. Cooper, D. Kráľ, A. Lamaison, S. Mohr: Quasirandom Latin squares arXiv:2011.07572 Random Structures and Algorithms (2021), 11pp
J. W. Cooper, D. Kráľ, T. Martins: Finitely forcible graph limits are universal arXiv:1701.03846 Advances in Mathematics 340 (2018), 819-854
J. W. Cooper, D. Kráľ, T. Martins: Finite forcibility and computability of graph limits arXiv:1701.03846v1 obsolete because of the newer version
A. N. Day, V. Falgas-Ravry, R. Hancock: Long paths and connectivity in independent random graphs arXiv:1909.13771 Random Structures and Algorithms (2020), 1007-1049
Z. Dvořák, D. Kráľ, B. Mohar: Graphic TSP in cubic graphs arXiv:1608.07568 Proceedings of 34th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS'17), LIPIcs vol. 66, article no. 27, 2017, 13pp
Z. Dvořák, J. Venters: Triangle-free planar graphs with small independence number arXiv:1702.02888 European Journal of Combinatorics 76 (2019), 88-103
J. Gajarský, D. Kráľ: Recovering sparse graphs arXiv:1709.09985 Proceedings of 43th International Symposium Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2018 (MFCS'18), LIPIcs vol. 117, article no. 29, 2018, 15pp
F. Garbe, R. Hancock, J. Hladký, M. Sharifzadeh: Limits of Latin squares arXiv:2010.07854 submitted
F. Garbe, J. Hladký, M. Šileikis, F. Skerman: From flip processes to dynamical systems on graphons arXiv:2201.12272 submitted
F. Garbe, D. Kráľ, A. Lamaison: Hypergraphs with minimum positive uniform Turán density arXiv:2105.09883 accepted to Israel Journal of Mathematics
conference version of the paper Proceedings of Eurocomb'21, CRM Series 14 (2021), 148-152
R. Glebov, C. Hoppen, T. Klimošová, Y. Kohayakawa, D. Kráľ, H. Liu: Densities in large permutations and parameter testing arXiv:1412.5622
(revision of an earlier paper)
European Journal of Combinatorics 60 (2017), 89-99
R. Glebov, T. Klimošová, D. Kráľ: Infinite dimensional finitely forcible graphon arXiv:1404.2743
(revision of an earlier paper)
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 118 (2019), 729-1016
R. Glebov, D. Kráľ, J. Volec: Compactness and finite forcibility of graphons arXiv:1309.6695
(revision of an earlier paper)
Journal of the European Mathematical Society 21 (2019), 3199–3223
A. Grzesik, P. Hu, J. Volec: Minimum number of edges that occur in odd cycles arXiv:1605.09055 Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B 137 (2019), 65-103
A. Grzesik, O. Janzer, Z. L. Nagy: The Turán number of blow-ups of trees arXiv:1904.07219 submitted
A. Grzesik, T. Klimošová, Ma. Pilipczuk, Mi. Pilipczuk: Covering minimal separators and potential maximal cliques in Pt-free graphs arXiv:2003.12345v1 The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 28 (2021), P1.29
A. Grzesik, D. Kráľ, L. M. Lovász: Elusive extremal graphs arXiv:1807.01141 Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 121 (2020), 1685-1736
A. Grzesik, D. Kráľ, L. M. Lovász: Extremal graph theory and finite forcibility wrap:88890
(conference version of the paper "Elusive extremal graphs")
Proceedings of Eurocomb'17, Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 61C (2017), 541-547
A. Grzesik, D. Kráľ, L. M. Lovász, J. Volec: Cycles of a given length in tournaments arXiv:2008.06577 submitted
A. Grzesik, D. Kráľ, S. Mohr: Strong modeling limits of graphs with bounded tree-width arXiv:2103.10354 submitted
conference version of the paper Proceedings of Eurocomb'21, CRM Series 14 (2021), 273-279
A. Grzesik, J. Lee, B. Lidický, J. Volec: On tripartite common graphs arXiv:2012.02057 submitted
A. Grzesik, J. Volec: Degree conditions forcing directed cycles arXiv:2102.12830 submitted
R. Hancock, A. Kabela, D. Kráľ, T. Martins, R. Parente, F. Skerman, J. Volec: No additional tournaments are quasirandom-forcing arXiv:1912.04243 submitted
R. Hancock, D. Kráľ, M. Krnc, J. Volec: Towards characterizing locally common graphs arXiv:2011.02562 submitted
R. Hancock, A. Treglown: An asymmetric random Rado theorem for single equations: the 0-statement arXiv:2004.14076 Random Structures and Algorithms, Available online
J. Hladký, P. Hu, D. Piguet: Komlós's tiling theorem via graphon covers arXiv:1607.08415 Journal of Graph Theory 90 (2019), 24-45
J. Hladký, P. Hu, D. Piguet: Tilings in graphons arXiv:1606.03113 European Journal of Combinatorics 93 (2021), 103284
T. Hubai, D. Kráľ, O. Parczyk, Y. Person: More non-bipartite forcing pairs arXiv:1906.04089 Proceedings of Eurocomb'19, Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenianae 88 (2019), 819-825
K. Kloster, D. Kráľ, D. B. Sullivan: Walk entropy and walk-regularity arxiv:1708.09700 Linear Algebra and its Applications 546 (2018), 115-121
D. Kráľ, B. Lidický, T. Martins, Y. Pehova: Decomposing graphs into edges and triangles arXiv:1710.08486 Combinatorics, Probability and Computing 28 (2019), 465-472
D. Kráľ, L. M. Lovász, J. A. Noel, J. Sosnovec: Finitely forcible graphons with an almost arbitrary structure arXiv:1809.05973 Discrete Analysis 2020:9, 36pp
D. Kráľ, T. Martins, P. Pach, M. Wrochna: The step Sidorenko property and non-norming edge-transitive graphs arXiv:1802.05007 Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 162 (2019), 34-54
D. Kráľ, J. A. Noel, S. Norin, J. Volec, F. Wei: Non-bipartite k-common graphs arXiv:2006.09422 Combinatorica 42 (2022), 87-114
D. Kráľ, S. Norin, J. Volec: A bound on the inducibility of cycles arXiv:1801.01556 Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 161 (2019), 359-363
A. Liebenau, Y. Pehova: An approximate version of Jackson's conjecture arXiv:1907.08479 Combinatorics, Probability and Computing 29 (2020), 886-899
H. Liu, P. Pach: The number of multiplicative Sidon sets of integers arXiv:1808.06182 Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 165 (2019), 152-175
H. Liu, P. Pach, R. Palincza: The number of maximum primitive sets of integers arXiv:1805.06341 Combinatorics, Probability and Computing 30 (2021), 781-795
H. Liu, P. Pach, C.Sándor: Polynomial Schur's theorem arXiv:1811.05200 accepted to Combinatorica
R. Montgomery, A. Müyesser, Y. Pehova:Transversal factors and spanning trees arXiv:2107.04629 submitted
R. Nenadov, Y. Pehova: On a Ramsey-Turán variant of the Hajnal-Szemerédi theorem arXiv:1806.03530 SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 34 (2020), 1721–1729
P. Pach: An improved upper bound for the size of the multiplicative 3-Sidon sets arXiv:1801.08733 International Journal of Number Theory 15 (2019), 1001–1010
P. Pach: Monochromatic solutions to x+y=z2 in the interval [N,cN4] arXiv:1805.06279 Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 50 (2018), 1113-1116

Survey papers

The project also supported the following survey paper prepared for the 27th British Combinatorial Conference, which was be held in Birmingham in June 2019.

A. Grzesik, D. Kráľ: Analytic representations of large graphs.

Funding information

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