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Currently announced competitions, prizes, awards

Czech Head 2018
The competition conditions for each category are determined Status of the competition .
The competition is awarded in five categories:
1) The National Prize of the Czech Government
2) Kapsch Prize, Invence Prize
3) Industry
4) CEZ Award, Doctorandus Award for Technical Science
5) Doctorand for Natural Sciences
- submission deadline is 30 June 2018

Edwards 2018
For the third time, Edwards will reward the authors for the most innovative, technically-focused diploma theses this year
The diploma thesis must be defended and may not be older than three years.
- submission deadline is 30 June 2018

Regularly announced competitions, prizes, awards

December / January - Scopus Awards, Medal of the MEYS
February / March - Rector MU Award
April - Joseph Fourier Award for Computer Science
June - Czech Head
July - František Běhounek Award
July / August - Prize of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports
October - Siemens Award

Prices earned by FI staff and students

Department of Research, Development and Doctoral Studies