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Currently announced competitions, prizes, awards

Travel scholarships for young scientists under 35 years of age
- deadline for submission of applications until 7 September 2018
- The Czech Literary Fund Foundation announces a tender for granting a one-time travel scholarship to support the participation of young scientists under 35 on foreign internships and conferences.

MEYS Award for Outstanding Research, Experimental Development and Innovation Results 2018
- Deadline for submitting documents to OAZ by 12 September 2018
- The Ministry appreciates the extraordinary results of research, experimental development and innovation achieved on the basis of support provided from specific or institutional expenditures for research, experimental development and innovation from the budget chapter of the MEYS.
Proposals on behalf of the Rector must be submitted to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science by September 27, 2018.

IT SPY 2018
- Deadline for submitting proposals until September 16, 2018
- Competition for the Best Diploma Thesis in Informatics and Information Technology.
The aim of the competition is to support students in their studies and to help them apply this effort and the results in practice.
The competition involves universities or faculties in the Czech and Slovak Republics with a focus on informatics and information technology.
An application for a competition consists of a faculty nomination and a subsequent student registration.

František Běhounka Award 2018
- deadline for submitting proposals until 20 September 2018
- The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports announces the František Běhounek Award for the promotion and popularization of Czech science and the spread of the reputation of the Czech Republic in the European Research Area (ERA).

Werner von Siemense Award 2018
- deadline for submission of proposals to the RMU Academic Affairs Department by 31 October 2018
- Siemens, sr, announces annually the Werner von Siemense Prize, aimed primarily at students and young scientists and pedagogical staff. The aim of the competition is to award authors of the best student and scholarly works and university educators with a focus on all technical fields and natural sciences.
The deadline for submitting applications in all categories is 25 November 2018.

An overview of all currently announced competitions on notice board in the IS .

Regularly announced competitions, prizes, awards

December / January - Scopus Awards, Medal of the MEYS , Antonín Svoboda Award for the Best Ph.D. Thesis
February / March - Rector MU Award
April - Joseph Fourier Award for Computer Science
June - Czech Head
July - František Běhounek Award
July / August - Prize of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports
October - Siemens Award

Prices earned by FI staff and students

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