Courses for exchange students

The list of courses should help to exchange/visiting students to choose eligible courses that are taught in English. Please note that there might be further changes in the offer of courses. The final list will be known only at the beginning of the semester. You can make changes in your choice of the courses after your arrival, within the first month of the semester. Check the pre-requisites of chosen course so you have required knowledge to study it.
Explanatory notes:
  • Bachelor courses – codes beginning with the letters MB, PB, IB
  • Master courses – codes beginning with the letters MA, IA, PA
  • Doctoral courses (only for PhD students) – codes beginning with the letter D
  • Free courses – codes beginning with the letters MV, IV, PV
  • Additional courses – codes beginning with the letters VB, VV
Number of credits and hours

In overview of the course in section Extent and Intensity: the first numbers describe how many hours per week are lectures, seminars, others (laboratory work). According to this is set basic amount of credits. Another credits students gain according a way of completion. Completion of a course constitutes meeting the course requirements in one of the following ways: Credit (0 cr.), Colloquium (1 cr.), Examination (2 cr.).

For example if there are numbers 2/2, the course has 2 hours of lectures per week and two hours of seminars per week (together per 4 credits), when students pass it by examination, they gain another 2 credits, so at the end students gain 6 credits.

Autumn Semester 2017

  • IA008 Computational Logic
  • IA072 Seminar on Concurrency
  • IA080 Seminar on Knowledge Discovery
  • IA168 Algorithmic game theory
  • IV054 Coding, Cryptography and Cryptographic Protocols
  • MA010 Graph Theory
  • MA015 Graph Algorithms
  • MV013 Statistics for Computer Science
  • PA018 Advanced Topics in Information Technology Security
  • PA116 Domain Understanding and Modeling
  • PA165 Enterprise Applications in Java (some seminars in English)
  • PA168 Postgraduate seminar on IT security and cryptography
  • PA173 Mathematical Morphology
  • PA174 Design of Digital Systems II
  • PA175 Digital Systems Diagnostics II
  • PA182 Managing in Reality
  • PA191 Advanced Computer Networking
  • PA192 Secure Hardware-based System Design
  • PA193 Secure Coding Principles and Practices
  • PA194 Introduction to Service Science
  • PA196 Pattern Recognition
  • PA198 Augmented Reality Interfaces
  • PB007 Software Engineering I (some seminars in English)
  • PV079 Applied Cryptography
  • PV115 Laboratory of Knowledge Discovery
  • PV160 Laboratory of Human-Computer Interaction
  • PV181 Laboratory of security and applied cryptography I
  • PV182 Human Computer Interaction (some seminars in English)
  • PV187 Seminar on Digital Image Processing
  • PV197 GPU Programming
  • PV200 Introduction to hardware description languages
  • PV206 Communication and Soft Skills
  • PV212 Readings in Digital Typography, Scientific Visualization, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning
  • PV217 Service Oriented Architecture
  • PV240 Introduction to Service Marketing
  • PV241 Enterprise and Financial Management
  • PV250 Marketing Information Systems
  • PV254 Recommender Systems
  • SRES Research Project for Foreign Students
  • VB037 Writing in English
  • VV041 English for Academic Purposes (post-graduate)

Spring Semester 2018

  • IA010 Principles of Programming Languages
  • IA014 Advanced Functional Programming
  • IA062 Randomized Algorithms and Computations
  • IA067 Informatics Colloquium
  • IA072 Seminar on Concurrency
  • IA080 Seminar on Knowledge Discovery
  • IA158 Real Time Systems
  • IA159 Formal Verification Methods
  • IA169 System Verification and Assurance
  • IV106 Bioinformatics Seminar
  • IV111 Probability in Computer Science
  • IV119 Seminar on Discrete Mathematical Methods
  • IV123 Future Challanges of Informatics
  • PA128 Similarity Searching in Multimedia Data
  • PA157 Seminar on Computer Graphics Architectures
  • PA166 Advanced Methods of Digital Image Processing
  • PA168 Postgraduate seminar on IT security and cryptography
  • PA171 Digital Image Filtering
  • PA172 Image Acquisition
  • PA176 Architecture of Digital Systems II
  • PA179 Project Management
  • PA181 Services - Systems, Modeling and Execution
  • PA190 Digital Signal Processing
  • PA195 NoSQL Databases
  • PA197 Secure Network Design
  • PA199 Advanced Game Design
  • PA200 Cloud Computing
  • PA211 Advanced Topics of Cyber Security
  • PA212 Advanced Search Techniques for Large Scale Data Analytics
  • PV056 Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • PV115 Laboratory of Knowledge Discovery
  • PV160 Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory
  • PV167 Project in Object-oriented Design of Information Systems (some seminars in English)
  • PV187 Seminar of digital image processing
  • PV204 Security Technologies
  • PV206 Communication and Soft Skills
  • PV207 Business Process Management
  • PV208 Advanced Topics of Linux Administration
  • PV209 Person Centered Communication
  • PV211 Introduction to Information Retrieval
  • PV215 Management by Competencies
  • PV216 Marketing Strategy in Service Business
  • PV222 Security Architectures
  • PV229 Multimedia Similarity Searching in Practice
  • PV237 Strategy and Leadership
  • PV263 Intercultural Management
  • PV264 Advanced Programming in C++
  • SIPIS Industrial project for international students
  • VV043 Academic Writing in English
  • VV052 Evening Drawing
  • VV064 Academic and Professional Skills in English for IT
Information about other courses you can find at online Course catalogue
If you have any further questions concerning the courses, please write at the email: int(atsign)fi(dot)muni(dot)cz

Responsible contact: Ing. Radka Brolíková