TESCAN is a successful Czech company with multinational operations and a long tradition in the field of electron microscopy. We develop and manufacture unique hi-tech devices, tailored to our customers - companies operating in science and industry around the world. More at www.tescan.com .

Software development


Software development in our country does not only mean sitting at a computer, but also a necessary part of the work is communication with colleagues from other industries (physics, construction, electronics, development of embedded systems, etc.) and an occasional testing of a solution on a microscope directly.

As part of software development, we solve various tasks, such as:

We use technologies C / C ++, STL, OpenCV, Qt, Git, Python, Doxygen, OpenGL, Keras, SOLID, etc.

The role of software in electron microscopy has been growing for a long time. Our software is taken care of by a team of about 30 developers who work in several departments. Read more HERE.

About cooperation with FI MUNI

TESCAN has been cooperating with the Faculty for a long time as an SME partner. Every year we list topics of bachelor's and master's theses that focus on computer processing of 2D and 3D images from an electron microscope (stereometry, image noise reduction, automatic image sharpening, etc.).
We regularly participate in SPP Day, where colleagues from SW development are happy to reveal the students behind the scenes of the development of software for electron microscopes. We also did professional presentations at the faculty (eg as part of teaching the subject Introduction to Digital Image Processing).
We have been plannig further expand of our activities at the Faculty.

About us through the eyes of a graduate of FI MUNI

"At work at TESCAN, I appreciate a good team and an effort to keep up with modern technologies. From the university, my knowledge of the principles of quality object-oriented programming (SOLID, KISS…) is most useful here. "

Michal Fecko
graduate of FI MUNI

How to get involved

During the study it is possible to establish cooperation with us in the form of:

1. Bachelor / diploma thesis

Currently listed topics can be found HERE . If you are interested in any of the topics, or you are thinking about your own topic, do not hesitate to contact us.


is intended for master's degree students who have a unique opportunity to gain experience in the software development for electron microscopes. More information and the possibility to sign up can be found HERE.

What we expect from students


Vojtěch Filip

Head of SEM and FIB / SEM software development
E-mail: vojtech.filip@tescan.com

Jana Sedlická

HR specialist
E-mail: jana.sedlicka@tescan.com
Phone: +420 530 353 225

Radomír Michalica

Head of TEM software development
E-mail: radomir.michalica@tescan.com