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Who we are

We are a slightly different software company. In the past 20 years, give or take, we have grown to be a global business run from Brno, with over 150 employees and four offices on three continents. Yet, when you walk into our headquarters in Nové Sady, Brno, you can instantly feel the easygoing atmosphere. We are no cold corporate. Let us convince you.

How we operate


Through a giant fish tank, you can watch our colleagues discussing something passionately while enjoying their cups of coffee on sofas in a room that could well be your living room. The hearty smell of team breakfast hits you as you walk past the fully-equipped kitchen and diner. Watch out! You might as well trip over a dog in the corridor; we have plenty of furry friends enjoying the company of their people in here. You can even bump into a child here and there.

Open-plan offices are not what we do. Each team of a maximum of 12 members is assigned their office. They decorate it as they please to feel comfortable and enjoy working together in their little haven. Because working together is something that we live and breathe—in each team as well as across the company. Every voice is heard, and every idea counts.

If you want to peek behind the curtain and see how life is going in Kentico, you can find details on our blog. Or you can watch a video on our YouTube channel .

How it all started

The company was founded 16 years ago and is based on the bachelor’s thesis of Petr Palas, to this day, one of Kentico’s owners. If you are interested in how he himself remembers his studies at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, you can find the answers in an interview .


"What I really gained from my studies is a full picture of various areas in IT. The environment of the Faculty and the people you meet and who inspire you are equally important. It was the Faculty environment where I gradually came to the decision to focus on content management systems, as well as to establish my own software company later on. What’s more, since this school attracts the most talented IT specialists from the Czech and Slovak Republics, I have always kept in touch—we currently run our Kentico Academy at the Faculty of Informatics. There, we give students the opportunity to build on their knowledge and gain practical experience of developing a real product."

Petr Palas, the founder of Kentico Software

What We Work On

We create software that helps thousands of customers do business online. We develop a digital experience platform for online content management using modern Microsoft technologies. Xperience by Kentico is a complex DXP solution—i.e., a platform for creating websites, content management, digital marketing, and e-commerce. It brings to life a wide range of online ventures, from an NGO website to a complex e-shop. We have modernized the successful product entirely. The new Xperience utilizes leading technologies—ASP.NET 6, React, .NET Core… We have also added a brand new SaaS solution.

Why We Believe in Cooperation with the Faculty of Informatics MU

Kentico is a brainchild of a former FI MU student, Petr Palas. His was just one of the many brilliant ideas emerging from this Faculty. Future experts flourish and grow in academia. We at Kentico are convinced that young talents and their projects must already be supported during their studies. That’s the reason why we have been cooperating with the Faculty since 2011—first as an SME Partner, then on a Partner level since 2014. Furthermore, our Zbyšek Němec is an external member of the Faculty of Informatics Doctoral Board. There is a whole list of FI MU activities in which Kentico participates.

Kentico Academy


Kentico Academy has definitely been one of the most successful projects. Students who signed up for it got the chance to try out real-life IT work in our company. They also had access to our own offices at the Faculty. Twice a week, Kentico’s experienced developers spent time with them and helped them develop the practical skills needed to take part in real projects. And when we saw eye to eye with a student? They were offered a job in the company. As of today, there are numerous Kentico Academy graduates working with Kentico.

To find out more, you can read the interviews with Juraj Bielik , a Kentico Academy graduate, and Petr Svirák , a mentor therein.

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"I had been keeping an eye on Kentico for a long time. I attended workshops and other events during my studies, and simply fell in love with the company. I started working at Kentico and also wrote my diploma thesis with them. I even got to mentor others on the product in Kentico Academy eventually."

Zuzana Sojčíková, Technical Leader

SPP Days - Days with Associate Industrial Partners


You can regularly see us at the FI MU Days with Associate Industrial Partners. At the stand, we can chat about what you are interested in, or you can attend our lecture. For instance, we organised a Security Workshop for you in March, 2019. And we promise it wasn't the last one.

Teaching at the Faculty of Informatics

You can occasionally meet Kentico's experienced developers in FI MU lecture theatres where they are happy to share their extensive expertise with you.


"What I gained from studying at FI MU? Easy—new knowledge and numerous contacts. When I started working with Kentico, I also gave lectures on Windows Systems Management at the time. So it was a combination of studying, work and teaching. What I enjoyed most was taking a practical issue, researching and analysing it, and trying out new possible solutions for months. I then evaluated and published what the real impact of the tiniest decisions was when it came to the IT system design and operation."

Libor Dušek, IT Manager

Supervision of Bachelor's and master's Theses

A fair number of final theses was written with us. We don’t list the topics for students though. If you have a good idea and feel that Kentico is the place to bring it to life in the form of a thesis, let us know. We can talk about an individual assignment that would be beneficial for both you and us. That's what Dávid Urbančok did when he was working with us already during his studies.


"I had the opportunity to spend 20 % of my working hours in Kentico to write my bachelor’s thesis. The scholarship to support the studies also helped. What I really improved working with Kentico during my studies was my time management. Combining a full-time job with school obligations truly required some high-level planning."

Dávid Urbančok, Senior QA Engineer

Researcher's Night


In 2019, we took part in the Researchers’ Night at the Faculty of Informatics for the first time. We have a lot to say about the theme of Planet Friendly. We have been planting trees for every bug a customer finds in our product for years now. And that’s not nearly all we do. For information on Kentico’s environment-centred values and activities, check our blog or the video we've made for you.

FI MU Film Festival

Our colleague and the FI MU student, Matúš Kropuch, is another person you could have met at our stand during the Researchers’ Night. He helps organize the FI MU Film Festival which Kentico regularly sponsors.


"Studying at FI MU has brought about a number of new opportunities and contacts. I have the chance to give lectures as well as attend them. And I help organize the FI MU Film Festival. I found the job with Kentico during the SPP Day, and it really is an outstanding experience. The work has never stood in the way of my studies, quite the opposite. I have learnt a lot. What’s more, I get to consult the experts from Kentico about my thesis."

Matúš Kropuch, QA Engineer

Whom You Can Meet in Kentico

It's as easy as one-two-three. Kentico people stand out as they really enjoy their work. Why? Because they get helping hands from all sides and feel that what they do makes a difference. We don’t undermine one another. We help each other grow. We expect each other to look for new solutions and always keep improving. We are on the same page and together manage to overcome even the most unexpected challenges .

In Kentico, you’ll bump into many graduates and students of Brno’s Faculty of Informatics. What benefits of studying at FI MU do they see now in their real-life work environment?


"I learned to think critically during my studies. However, only at work in Kentico did I start understanding the theory in practice. My colleagues have always answered even the silliest of my questions. Such an environment really helped me form my opinions and come up with original solutions. There is no comparison between school projects on the one hand, and working together with dozens of colleagues in a company on the other. I am now writing my diploma thesis in Kentico and really hope the product extension I’m working on will make it to the real product one day."

Petra Rebrošová, Developer


"I had known the basics of programming at high school already—what I wanted from FI MU was to learn the more theoretical aspects of IT. And to get to know the right people. Here, I discovered C#. I got to like it so much that I have now been working as a .NET developer in Kentico for 3 years. Only after joining the company did I learn what the real development of an enterprise product in a big team looks like. People in Kentico are great mentors. With them, I keep improving not only in .NET and system architecture, but English as well. I will build on this experience for years to come.”

Ivan Dendis, Developer


"During my studies, it was wonderful how all the information from various subjects intertwined and made sense! Although I sometimes hadn’t understood why we had to learn this or that, when I joined Kentico, I realised how important it all was. What I learned was to see things with a critical eye and defend my opinion. To write my diploma thesis with Kentico means that it’s not just a school project. My work might become a part of our product one day."

Hana Navrátilová, Developer


"What I gained from studying at FI MU was realizing that IT is not just menial coding. That programming is just a fraction of the whole process. I learned to see issues from various perspectives and work in a team. And also found out that it can be painful at times. It was great to attend the lectures of experienced practitioners who worked on real projects. What I appreciated most was the flexibility and opportunity to combine work and studies."

Martin Michalík, Product Director


"The Faculty provided me with general knowledge, showed various approaches to problem-solving, and helped me develop algorithmic thinking. I got to try out security analyses and the development of security systems under the guidance of experts from successful companies. Now I can utilize all this experience in Kentico. I have gained confidence in what I do. Combining work and study gave me the opportunity to use the theoretical knowledge to solve everyday work tasks."

Daniel Filakovský, Security Engineer


"I study and work with Kentico at the same time. I have the great opportunity to dedicate Fridays to writing my diploma thesis—thanks to Kentico’s #UseYourFridayWell benefit. I don’t depend on my supervisor only as I can consult my colleagues about any challenges I face in my thesis. What’s absolutely priceless is Bára’s helping hand—be it with the red tape, the choice of a suitable supervisor, or a number of useful tips. Without her, I wouldn’t be aware of the access I have to my own office at the Faculty where I can study and write."

David Beran, Component Developer

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