Categories of Cooperation

SME Partner
Starting level of cooperation with FI, aimed generally at small and medium enterprises, for better mutual understanding and identification of concrete options for cooperation at higher levels of partnership.

  • Invitation to FI lectures and seminars of specialized groups.
  • References to available positions for FI students and graduates.
  • Participation in meetings with FI students two times per year, including a space for presenting partner’s materials.
  • Proposals of Bachelor and Master theses' topics.
  • Listing in the annual report of either the Association of Industrial Partners or of FI, and on the web pages of FI.

Cooperation in simple research projects according to FI partner’s specification and agreement with FI. This can be laboured to topics of Bachelor or Master diploma theses. A dedicated member of FI staff will coordinate the research theses. The partner can support the students working on the project through FI scholarships, and also can offer internships.

This level includes all points of cooperation for SME Partner and also:
  • Dedicated member of staff to coordinate preparation of topics for theses.
  • Possibility to propose simple research & development task for/with FI (can incur additional costs).
  • Possibility of grant awards for best Bachelor or Master diploma thesis in individual areas of study (additional costs 20.000 CZK for awards).
  • Possibility to award a grant to a specific Bachelor's or Master's degree student.
  • Possibility to prepare own specialised seminar at FI (additional costs).

Strategic Partner
This is a form of close cooperation with FI, with a serious interest in common activities, e.g. common research and development projects that could be funded by state grants or European funds. A development team can be set up from the Bachelor and Master students, as well as PhD students and academics. Research topics can be individually laboured to topics of dissertation theses; strategic partner can provide grants to doctoral students. Another part of common activities can be development of the particular study programs and areas. FI will invest own resources in this cooperation at a nontrivial level.

Concrete packing depends on the individual agreement of FI with the Strategic Partner (SP) and includes all points of cooperation for Partner and SME Partner and also:
  • Dedicated FI person for coordination of all cooperation of FI and SP.
  • Possibility of presentation of FI academics at SP events.
  • Possibility of presentation of SP experts at FI events or seminars.
  • Possibility to arrange own specialised seminar at FI.
  • Possibility to provide a grant to a selected PhD student.
  • Possibility to locate an employee of the SP as a long-term guest at FI (additional costs).

Details of allocation of partner's contribution are specified in accordance with an agreement with a partner – after the deduction of overheads, the contribution is invested in the mutual cooperation project according to the project needs and in agreement with the partner representative. The partner has the opportunity to support Bachelor or Master students, award grant to the best Bachelor and Master thesis, to sponsor student competitions, etc.

Partnership Category Minimum contribution / year
SME Partner  64 000 CZK
Partner  96 000 CZK
Strategic Partner 256 000 CZK