FI MU Study Catalogue 2021/2022

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Informatics in Education

bachelor's program without specializations supporting Major/Minor study

The aim of this bachelor's study program is to equip applicants with the necessary professional knowledge and the necessary minimum of psychological-pedagogical knowledge for successful work in education in the field of informatics. The program is also a program that in combination with a follow-up teaching program at MU, prepares graduates for the teaching profession. The degree is open only in the minor version in cooperation with the degrees of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University.

The graduate is ready to continue studying in a follow-up teaching program at MU or can work in various training centers with a focus on IT training.

Requirements for successful graduation

Study option: Minor

Compulsory subjects and other obligations of the study option

IB000 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
IB110 Introduction to Informatics
IB113 Introduction to Programming and Algorithms
IB114 Introduction to Programming and Algorithms II
PB151 Computer Systems
PB153 Operating Systems and their Interfaces
PB156 Computer Networks
PV157 Authentication and Access Control
PB007 Software Engineering I
PB168 Introduction to DB and IS
UB001 Assesment of teaching in Informatics
SBPrip Revisions for Bachelor State Exam
Programming Pass at least 1 course of the following list
PB161 C++ Programming
PB162 Java
PB071 Principles of low-level programming
Application development Pass at least 1 course of the following list
PB069 Desktop Application Development in C#/.NET
PB138 Modern Markup Languages and Their Applications
PV239 Mobile Application Development
Collect at least 70 credits from courses tought at FI with prefixes IB, IB, PB, or PV.

Recommended course of study

Fall 2021 (1. term)
Spring 2022 (2. term)
Fall 2022 (3. term)
Spring 2023 (4. term)
Fall 2023 (5. term)
Spring 2024 (6. term)