FI MU Study Catalogue 2021/2022

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Programming and Development

bachelor's program without specializations

The focus of the Programming and development bachelor program is design, creation, implementation, and program maintenance technology and in lesser amount also technical equipment of modern computer systems and digitally controlled systems. Graduates of the program will have a fundamental understanding of the whole computer systems life cycle, starting with computer architectures, programming and software engineering, through computer networks and operating systems and ending with the development of embedded systems. This technological view is supported by the necessary mathematical foundations and by an introduction to design principles of secure computer systems. An important feature of the program is the focus on continuous practical verification of attained knowledge, including semestral project and voluntary semester-long internship. The goal of this program is to focus the graduates on the solving the technological (real world) problems.

Graduates are able to immediately work as junior programmers, designers or members of a test team with fundamentals broad enough for following professional and career growth.

Requirements for successful graduation

Compulsory subjects of the program

IB000 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
IB002 Algorithms and data structures I
IB015 Non-Imperative Programming
IB109 Design and Implementation of Parallel Systems
IB110 Introduction to Informatics
IB111 Foundations of Programming
PB006 Principles of Programming Languages and OOP
PB007 Software Engineering I
PB071 Principles of low-level programming
PB138 Modern Markup Languages and Their Applications
PB151 Computer Systems
PB152 Operating Systems
PB152cv Operating Systems - practicals
PB154 Database Systems
PB156 Computer Networks
PB156cv Computer Networks - practicals
PB175 Project managment and project
PV028 Applied Information Systems
PV080 Information security and cryptography
PV170 Design of Digital Systems
MB141 Linear algebra and discrete mathematics
MB142 Applied math analysis
MB143 Design and analysis of statistical experiments
VB000 Elements of Style
VB001 English Exam
SBPrip Revisions for Bachelor State Exam
SB100 Bachelor Internship - Programming and Development
SOBHA Defence of Thesis
SZB State Exam (Bc degree)
Programming 1 Pass at least 1 course of the following list
PB161 C++ Programming
PB162 Java
Programming 2 Pass at least 1 course of the following list
PB173 Domain specific development
PV168 Seminar in Java programming
PV178 Introduction to Development in C#/.NET
PV256 Introduction to Development for Android
English Obtain at least 2 credits by passing subjects of the following list
VB035 English I
VB036 English II
VV064 Academic and Professional Skills in English for IT

Recommended course of study

Fall 2021 (1. term)
Spring 2022 (2. term)
Fall 2022 (3. term)
Spring 2023 (4. term)
Fall 2023 (5. term)
Spring 2024 (6. term)