FI MU Study Catalogue 2021/2022

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bachelor's program without specializations

The program will meet the growing interest of both high school graduates and already employed jobseekers without formal education in the field who carry out professions where knowledge and skills in cybersecurity.

Graduates will be ready for a professional of system administrators, operators in information security operations center, CSIRT team members, lower- or middle management in cybersecurity; software engineers of security-relevant IT applications and systems, as well as cybersecurity trainers or assistants to cybersecurity managers.

Requirements for successful graduation

Compulsory subjects of the program

MB141 Linear algebra and discrete mathematics
IB000 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
IB110 Introduction to Informatics
IB113 Introduction to Programming and Algorithms
IB114 Introduction to Programming and Algorithms II
PB007 Software Engineering I
PB071 Principles of low-level programming
PB151 Computer Systems
PB152 Operating Systems
PB152cv Operating Systems - practicals
PB156 Computer Networks
PB156cv Computer Networks - practicals
PB168 Introduction to DB and IS
PV028 Applied Information Systems
PV080 Information security and cryptography
IV130 Pros and Cons of Intelligent Systems
PV157 Authentication and Access Control
PV175 MS Windows Systems Management I
PV276 Seminar on Simulation of Cyber Attacks
Programming Pass at least 1 course of the following list
PB161 C++ Programming
PB162 Java
Cybersecurity Pass at least 1 course of the following list
PV017 Information Technology Security
PV210 Cybersecurity in an Organization
PrF:BI201K ICT Law I
PrF:BVV03K Cybercriminality
FSS:BSSb1101 Introduction into Security and Strategic Studies
FSS:BSSb1103 Security Policy of the Czech Republic
FSS:BSSb1152 Cyber Warfare
SB200 Bachelor Internship - Cybersecurity
VB000 Elements of Style
English Obtain at least 2 credits by passing subjects of the following list
VB035 English I
VB036 English II
VV064 Academic and Professional Skills in English for IT
VB001 English Exam
SBPrip Revisions for Bachelor State Exam
SOBHA Defence of Thesis
SZB State Exam (Bc degree)

Recommended course of study

Fall 2021 (1. term)
Spring 2022 (2. term)
Fall 2022 (3. term)
Spring 2023 (4. term)
Fall 2023 (5. term)
Spring 2024 (6. term)