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    Congratulations to Professor Přenosil on MU Rector's Award

    Masaryk University Rector's Award for long-time research excellence, Economics, and Informatics: Václav Přenosil, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University - FI MU, Department of Computer Systems and Communications. Václav Přenosil researches several areas, for example diagnostics of digital systems and spectrometric equipment for the area mixed fields of ionizing radiation. During his successful career led many research and development projects, such as three projects of The Technological Agency of the Czech Republic whose results are published in quality magazines and are protected by two patents. Professor Přenosil has also successfully led many projects for several ministries in the Czech Republic, where he has been involved in, for example, research in the field of driver micro-sleep, predictive interactive simulators or in the area of ​​driver attention. He also developed with his team an excellent digital spectrometric system for processing fields of neutron radiation and gamma, with which it can be more accurately calculated, for example, the lifetime of energy reactor pressure vessels. Václav Přenosil is also a long-time member of several scientific councils, works in a number of expert committees and cooperates with top international scientific institutions.