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    17/12 User-Centered Evaluations in Information Visualization

    Kahin Akram Hassan, Linköping University, Sweden 17. 12. 2018, 13:00, A217 FI MU Visual representations ought to be more than aesthetically pleasing and complex — They have to fulfill a function so that target users can easily understand and use them. Conducting quantitative as well as qualitative evaluations with the user in mind, are important for obtaining concrete evidence of the effectiveness of such visual representations. In this talk, I will present the importance of evaluation in Visualization and my research. Bio: Kahin obtained his bachelor's and master’s degree in media technology and engineering at Linköping University, Sweden and is now a Ph.D. student in Information Visualization at the same department. He mainly focuses on user-centered evaluations of visual representations for temporal multivariate data. For more info please contact doc. Kozlíková (

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