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  • Public lecture by Frédéric Dupuis

    Dear colleagues,
    in the name of the selection committee I would like to invite all academics to a public presentation of a candidate for an Assistant Professor (OA) position at KTP.
    The presentation will start right after the Colloquium talk on Tuesday 8.11., from about 15h in D2.

    Candidate: Frédéric Dupuis, Ph.D.
    Title: Quantum information

    Quantum information is a relatively new area of research which studies the way information behaves when it is encoded in physical systems small enough to be governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. When this is the case, many surprising phenomena occur: for instance, it is impossible, even in principle, to exactly measure the state of a physical system to which we have access. These phenomena can then be exploited to accomplish tasks that are impossible without quantum mechanics. In this talk, I will present a brief overview of this research area as well as some of my own work.