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  • Erasmus+ outside EU

    Newly, ERASMUS+ enables you to study also outside EU - in Europe and worldwide, mainly at universities that were our partners in previous Erasmus Mundus projects.
    Call for applications in 2016
    MU Centre for International Cooperation has published a call for applications - teachers and students of all levels can apply (however, some universities do not offer all levels of studies for exchange) to stay in Russian Federation, Brasil, China, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Armenia. List of universities you can find at:

    Supported activities:
    • Mobility of studenta for study – 3-12 months
    • Mobility of staff for teaching and training – min. 5 days, max. 2 months
    • Students: 650 EUR/month
    • Staff: 160 EUR/day
    • Contribution to travel expenses according to distance from home university to host university (
    Deadline for an electronic application is: 29 February 2016 (choose programme „Erasmus+ (outside Europe)“).

    More information at:
    • For students:
    • For administrative staff:
    • For teachers:

    Web address