Informatics is a Field with Future

Informatics is a great field of study. Its job potential is matched only by the salaries graduates earn. But there is so much more.
Informatics is nice because of the flexible working hours you'll enjoy along with an option to work either from your office or your home.
Informatics is what makes the world go round.

Industry 4.0

Do you remember what the first three industrial revolutions were about? You're experiencing the fourth one right now! When Industry 4.0 was introduced in 2011, the expectation was that we would pass simple, repetitive work onto machines.
Today, however, machines—and the software they use—can do much more: they can learn. Much faster than people. And they can create.
One type of artificial intelligence learned to play the Japanese game GO in several hours, and beat its competition. Another AI, reconstructed Blade Runner (1982) having seen the movie once. And yet another AI tries to help GRRM to complete the sixth volume of A Song of Ice and Fire.

What will the AI you create be able to do?

Information Society

We're living in an information society. Information is a key commodity. It is relatively easy to obtain, but not as easy to process and transform into something useful. Without technology that helps us do that we'd get stuck in place.

At FI you'll learn to think like a computer scientist, to work with information, to be flexible, and keep pace. We'll show you how to network and get in touch with professionals from other fields, how to create software which saves lives, and the legal framework within which it will be employed.
You'll see the power of information and how you personally may change the world.