Tuition and Funding

Tuition Fee

Tuition fee for the doctoral programme in English amounts to EUR 2000 per year.
Students also need to cover their individual living expenses (e.g. accommodation, food, travel costs, insurance, etc.).
There isn't any tuition fee for the doctoral study programme in Czech.

The Faculty of Informatics does not offer any scholarship covering all the associated expenses, incl. the tuition fee.
Students have an opportunity to get a scholarship or a salary during their studies if they take part in teaching or research at the Faculty (help with tutoring or work on research projects).

Funding Options

  • Scholarship from specific research resources.
    This scholarship can be awarded by the supervisor on the basis of excellent study results.
    The average amount of this scholarship is CZK 3000 per month.
  • Remuneration for Teaching.
    Students in PhD study programmes can engage in teaching at the FI (typically in the form of teaching seminars).
    This activity is compensated according to the volume of teaching carried out.
  • "Project" money.
    Under some research projects investigated at FI, it is possible to provide regular monthly payments to doctoral students. More information is available from your supervisor.
  • PhD positions with special funding.
    A limited number of positions with special external funding (such as departmental funds, project funds, or FI financial resources) is usually available for each admission procedure. More detailed information about currently available positions is available at Call for PhD Students .
  • Brno Ph.D. Talent
    Scholarship from funds provided by JCMM