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Programming and application development

Are you interested in informatics or computer technology? Do you wonder how ubiquitous digital systems are created and managed? Have you met with programming or are you interested in understanding what it really means? If at least one of these is true or you are just curious and like to solve practical problems, you have just found a suitable degree program.

You will learn the principles of technical implementation of basic computer aspects from hardware equipment, operating systems, networking to the principles of safe and efficient data storage. At the same time you will gain knowledge of the fundamentals of mathematics and theory of computer science. The study combines lectures with seminars and continuous practical verification of your gradually acquired knowledge and skills. There is also a semester project and especially an optional, usually financially honored semester practice.

Graduates of this study program always have a lot to choose from. The program will prepare you especially for the positions of programmers, developers or administrators of computer and information systems, but the possibilities of application are much wider, because your ability to solve practical problems will be extremely appreciated.

During your studies, you will be able to participate in the work of a number of laboratories at the faculty, start participating in teacher research activities, or work with a commercial company that is industrial partner faculty.

Application for study (till 29. 2.)
Admission Procedure Guide

Czech study program
Form full - time
Duration of study 3 years
Is studying the program for you?

Certainly yes! If you are interested in the first paragraph and are looking for a study that is not built on the ability to remember the facts, but will develop your systematic thinking skills. Conversely, studying does not require you to be able to program; it is enough that you have your head open, you are close to logical thinking and mathematics does not scare you.

And if you find out in your first year that you are more interested in theory, then you can easily switch to the sister study program Informatics.

Graduate profile

As a graduate of this degree program, you will be fully prepared to become junior and senior developers or information system administrators immediately after your studies, and as such you will be highly valued in the labor market. Alternatively, you can continue your studies in the follow-up Computer Science study program.

Where after this study?
Survey of graduate employment

FI graduates are valued in practice; their average gross starting salary has been more than CZK 45,000 over the past few years, according to a survey of all levels of study. More about graduate employment

Meet successful graduates

Andrej Pančík
Bc. Andrej Pancik, MBA

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He continued his studies at the University of Nottingham and later at the University of Oxford before becoming fully engaged in business (Harvard Business School) and building successful Prizeo, Represent, and others.

Jakub Jurových
Bc. M.Phil. Jakub Jurových

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Jakub is now a CTO at Operam. He received his Master of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge, UK.

"The Faculty of Informatics gave me a great basis for continuing my studies at Cambridge, as well as a space to start my first business."

Karel Beneš
Bc. Karel Beneš

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“After the state examinations, I went to work in Prague for an employer, where I have the opportunity to deal with interesting projects in the telecommunications and banking sectors. I work as a system administrator and specialized in data warehouses. After the birth of my son, I agreed that I could work from home three days a week. ”

Study catalog

In the study catalog you will find lists of compulsory and compulsory elective courses and recommended course of study.

Study catalog


You will be able to complete 12 weeks of practice. The faculty has extensive cooperation with industrial partners and there are always many places available in attractive companies, or you can also design your own place. Practice is usually paid, so you get financial support directly in your study.

Practice will be realized in the 5th semester, when you will have enough experience that you can apply in practice. Practice takes 4 days a week, the fifth is the teaching and contact with the faculty, where you can also easily solve any problems.

Involvement in research and development

Students have the opportunity to engage in scientific research or development work within research laboratories FI . At the bachelor level, cooperation is typically carried out in the form of laboratory projects or in the form of laboratory-led final theses. Typical topics of this bachelor thesis include evaluation of new procedures, implementation of prototypes, or participation in the development of larger SW products.

Science, research and development