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About the library

The systematic and continuously updated collection of books and magazines makes up 90% of titles in English and 10% in Czech. Currently, the library has approximately 18,000 volumes of books and 30 titles of printed magazines. There are 20 study places available in the library.

The library system is used for electronic cataloging, lending and catalog searching ALEPH . The MU library server with electronic catalogs of all MU faculty libraries including FI is available at here or directly to FI .

Library services are mainly used by teachers and students of FI. However, the library also has its users from the staff and students from other faculties of MU and BUT.

Since its inception in 1994, the Faculty of Informatics has started to build its own library. The foundation of the library collection (approx. 1,500 books) was taken over from the Institute of Computer Science and further focused on the development of a high-quality collection in the field of computer science.

Since its inception, the library has been providing users with direct access (free choice) to search and browse books and magazines independently. The books are arranged thematically.

If you have any problems, we will be pleased to assist you.