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Connection to eduroam

Instructions can be found here .

Connect to wlan_fi wireless card

In Windows 7, we will connect to the WiFi network by clicking on the icon in the notification area in the lower right corner of the screen. connected icon

Click to open a window with available WiFi networks. We will choose wlan_fi and we will Připojit . If the network name is not available, you are probably in an area with a bad signal. If you think the problem is not a signal, contact . network selection dialog

The last step is authentication at the faculty administration ( . After entering the faculty login and faculty password, your connection will take place.

Cable connection

After connecting the network cable to the PC, you only need to authenticate in the same way as when connecting via a WiFi network.

Possible problems and their solutions

I am connected to the network, but the page does not load.

Check the IP address acquisition settings

In the window with the list of available WiFi networks, click on at the bottom Otevřít Centrum síťových připojení a sdílení > Změnit nastavení adaptéru > right-click on the icon symbolizing the wireless connection and select Vlastnosti > Protokol IP verze 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Vlastnosti . Set both IP and DNS retrieval to automatic as shown and press OK. DHCP settings

The correct IP address assignment can be checked via the command line (CMD) by running the command ipconfig . The assigned addresses are in the range ipconfig output

Try using a different browser or cancel the proxy settings in Internet Explorer

In the START menu, find Konfigurovat proxy server > Nastavení místní sítě > uncheck Použít pro síť LAN server proxy…

After a few minutes, you will be disconnected from the Internet and need to re-authenticate

Enable the ICMP echo request exception in your firewall.
In the START menu, find Brána Windows Firewall > upřesnit nastavení > Příchozí pravidla > Sdílení souborů a tiskáren (Požadavek na odezvu – ICMPv4-In) > right-click and select Povolit pravidlo .
Note: you only need to enable the rule for the network type you selected when connecting to wlan_fi (typically Private, Public). ICMP firewall exception