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Poster printing in AGDM

The Graphic Design and Multimedia Studio (AGDM) offers the possibility of printing a poster for employees and postgraduate students of FI MU. Given that unnecessary complications have occurred in the past (file format, time constraints, etc.), we want to establish rules that will regulate the service regime to mutual satisfaction.

Please note the following rules. If they are observed, printing is guaranteed. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to print within the expected time. If there is any doubt, the press can of course be consulted with Dr. Helena Lukášová ( , phone: 549 49 4536).

Posters are only printed on Fridays. Please allow this deadline, other time requirements interfere with teaching.

Delivery of files for printing: By Thursday by e-mail until 18.00 ( ) or in person to Helena Lukášová.

Print size: Up to A1 size (59.4 x 84.1 cm). We print posters on matte paper.

Delivered format: PDF in real dimensions or JPEG RGB color profile (RGB 98) in real dimensions, resolution 300 dpi.

Trimming: We trim the print. Please add crop marks if the poster background is white or you want a white frame.

Pickup: Posters will be available for pickup every Monday at AGDM.

See also other options large format prints at MU.