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Organizing the subject

Practitioners, agreements

The heads of the departments must submit the documents for the conclusion of contracts for work done outside the employment relationship not later than the beginning of the semester. The lecturer must submit the documents to the head of the departments in good time, with the exact date and form of the documents, the teacher always informs the head of the department. In advance, you need to report the maximum number of hours (both exercise and task repairs and similar activities). The application will not allow more hours to be redeemed for payment than has been agreed. If the teacher has worked longer hours, the person responsible for the subject must then report this fact to the head of the department who asks the staff department to change the scope of the agreement.

Testing for tests

PhD students have the task of assisting the faculty to supervise the tests in the 10 hours per semester. Students on watch can be searched through mass e-mail . In case you do not voluntarily sign up for a call to watch, you can contact the R & D department to help identify under-active students.