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Communication with students

Many aspects of communication with students are regulated Study and Examination Regulations (SZŘ) of Masaryk University , further, only selected points are analyzed or specified.

Information on the organization and evaluation of the subject

The teacher is obliged to report the information concerning the organization of the subject teaching to the students enrolled in the subject through the relevant application in the IS. Specific options for publishing detailed information about the subject's organization and its completion are as follows:

  1. listed in the IS directly in the subject description, in the Interactive Outline or in the Organizational Instructions folder
  2. listed in slides for the introductory lecture, which are displayed in the IS in Learning Materials,
  3. listed on the subject's own website, which are referenced from the IS ("Teacher Information" box in the subject description).

It is recommended (especially for the last option) to send information e-mail to students at IS at the beginning of the semester and let the students archive this e-mail.

Teaching materials

To make learning materials easily available, please post them in one of the following ways:

  1. In IS: folder Study materials of the course / Learning materials - access rights set so that everyone has access to the IS.
  2. On your own website (where the materials are publicly available) - in this case, put a link to the site in the "Teacher Information" section of the subject description.

It is highly desirable that teaching materials for subjects be available not only to current subject students, but to all teachers and students (for example, for continuity of subjects or examinations in state final exams).

If you do not want to publish some sub-material, restrict it specifically, but the core of learning materials should be available to all teachers and students. Teaching materials should be published optimally in advance, or at least continuously during the semester, not at the end.


  • Exam dates must be listed two weeks before the end of the course. It is recommended to list dates in advance (for example, because in late writing dates it is difficult to get free classrooms for exams).
  • Students are entitled to 2 corrective dates for the first enrollment of the course.
  • Each subject at FI should have at least 4 exam dates. Exceptions can be made only for items with a small number of students (where the exam can be done, for example, after an individual agreement).
  • The examiner is responsible for the timely submission of the course completion results to the IS, specifically for written tests within seven working days of the examination. The precise conditions are set out in Article 7, paragraph 3 SZŘ .
  • Students are entitled to see the tests (within 30 days of the exam).
  • If the student does not attend the exam without apology, please enter "-".