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KA8 - Motivation of students and promotion of PhD studies

As part of this activity, we plan to create support materials that will help to increase the attractiveness of doctoral studies as well as the professional publicity of this project. The activity is also focused on Mgr. and Ing. students interested in postgraduate doctoral studies. The basic outcome will be the organization of open days each semester. In addition to basic PhD studies at FI, we also plan to create brochures in electronic form that will describe recommended strategies for successful passage through doctoral studies (choice of subjects and their timing, etc.). According to the brochure, students will be able to better target the offered courses and prepare a study plan according to their needs, while maintaining a reasonably high probability of successfully completing their studies.

For students, we also create a portal application displaying the public results of all doctoral students. Students will thus be better able to compare their own results with others. The aim is not to create student quality charts, but to provide enough information about the results that affect the assessment of the study. We expect the portal application to increase competition among students and, as a result, will motivate students to achieve excellent results instead of minimalist passage through the study at the boundary of the necessary duties. There will be no conflict with the protection of personal data, as only public data will be processed (number of publications, published software) and any anomalies will be solved by explicit student consent. The way in which the results will be evaluated will be upgraded as part of Activity 07.