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KA7 - Improve and expand the range of dissertation topics

The topics of the dissertation are listed as a showcase of the doctoral study and show the profile of the workplace. As part of this activity, we plan to offer, in cooperation with industrial partners, 50 open (ie unoccupied students) dissertation themes, with special attention focused on listing issues related to industry requirements and the innovations considered. Joint work on the definition of dissertation theses will continue with the involvement of experts from the practice directly to the management of doctoral students, for the assistance of trainers of consultants. This activity will also support the long-term strategy of the faculty in the field of Doctorates under two leadership, preparing relevant topics.

As part of this activity, we are also counting on the involvement of practitioners in the field of council activities, especially in connection with the innovation of the way of evaluation of the quality of studies. Existing student assessments based primarily on strictly academic outcomes (journals, conferences) are innovated by introducing new metrics for practical outcomes and responses to them. We expect from the representatives of the industrial partners to review the quality and scope of work, including the use of experience with internal company systems for the evaluation of researchers and researchers. The secondary aim is to prepare students for the ways in which they can meet with their future employers.