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KA6 - Teaching of Experts from Practice and Abroad

Providing lessons learned from practice practitioners or foreign academic institutions will allow them to expand the range of subjects both in special areas of expertise and areas that are not directly related to the expertise but provide the knowledge required in industrial practice, sociological contexts and so on.

As part of this activity, we will involve both practical and foreign academic institutions, especially in the form of block teaching. In each semester, one such course will be listed which, with its expected range of three days after eight hours of intensive teaching, corresponds to a subject evaluated at 2 credits in the ordinary course.

The activity will also support the already focused orientation of doctorates under dual guidance, in which the student has, in addition to trainers from the home institution and the other from abroad. Lectures by external experts are a successful stimulus to increase the number of doctorates under dual guidance.

Industrial partners will be guarantors of lectures provided by practitioners in this activity.