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KA2 - Innovation of Objects to Support Presentation Abilities

Presenting your own or learned results is an essential part of the graduate's doctoral program. These abilities are currently being developed within the subjects

  • DPUBL "Preparation of Publications" and DCIPR "Foreign language lecture", which cover the written and oral presentation of the results,
  • DPOMV "Teaching Assistance", where de facto students present deferred results during the course.

Increasing the number of students while maintaining the current character of these subjects leads to the undesirable effect of less frequent interaction for each student. We are therefore planning to innovate these subjects and to engage more trainers of consultants so that students get direct feedback and advice to remedy identified shortcomings. A larger number of trained consultant trainers will allow each student sufficient capacity of a personal "tutor" within the subject and thus guarantee the necessary frequency and quality of necessary feedback as the number of students grows.

We assume that every semester will write the first two subjects with 100, respectively. 80 students. Quality feedback can be provided within groups of 6 students. Feedback in DPOMV "Teaching Assistance" is provided in the form of learning lessons. We always assume two student sessions, allowing you to capture changes in presentation quality.