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KA1 - Support in Key Stages of Study

The internal analysis of the causes of the premature termination of doctoral studies clearly shows that leaving students is largely related to the passage through more complex stages:

  • Entry into the study and first acquaintance with the topic of the future dissertation: Choosing a topic and proper orientation is a basic condition for the success of studies, while the transition from Master's to Doctoral study represents a significant qualitative change. For a better orientation of the students, we will introduce a new subject DUVOD "Introduction to Study", whose registration the student will gain access to the consultant's trainer, which will help him acquire the necessary habits to the new style of work by means of individualized consultations, interviews and personal example.
  • Writing and Subsequent Thesis Defense: Students in the 3rd and 4th semesters summarize the subject's knowledge and define them definitively, including the design of a schedule of further papers. We will innovate the current subject of DTEDI "Preparation of the theses" rather of registration character, so that under the guidance of the supervisor consultant the student obtains detailed information and instructions for the formal preparation of the theses - how to proceed to the assignment, how to structure the thesis,
  • Writing a PhD thesis: This phase is currently covered by DPDIS "Dissertation Preparation", which, as in the previous case, plans to extend and enroll students to support, but focusing on the specifics of a full-fledged dissertation.

We estimate that on average over 70 students will enroll each of these new or upgraded courses each semester.